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Caught In A Web

I can reach you by quick email, downright, Can text you in the middle of the night. I can call wherever you're on the map, Given WiFi is on and What’s Up app. Social media plays rewarding roles, As a fake façade for the seeking souls. As soon as I exit the Facebook page, I'm a lone actor on an empty stage. Virtual vortex, an illusive trick - There is no escape with a button click. PC consumed our consenting mindset, Captured and trapped in online phishing net. Shall we ever break loose, lively and free From contagious web of digital spree?! Let’s turn gadgets off and learn again how To connect and to listen - here and now. I'd trade distant chats between you and me - To get together for a cup of tea. January 24, 2023 Contest: Acquaintances and Neighbourhood Poetry Sponsor: Sotto Poet

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