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Modesty is no virtue
when it comes to love.

Love should be worn
brightly~ daily! Nightly!

Shouted loudly! – Boldly!

Let love's many voices 
Sound~ Rebounding heart-felt
joyful echos – 

Sing love's lovely delight!

Shake the earth with 
together vibration; let the
universe hear love's clear
clamor – let fly amorous
moon-beams – let stars' starry 
eyes open wide to the sweet
dear call of comforting nestle – 
let love be the body's spiritual

All depends on love's, dreamy,
gleam-y, creamy honey flow –

the child, needing love if
healthily, affectionately to grow – 

the blossom needing love if
to dazzle, wink, make flowery show – 

love must be freed, if love
to charmingly glow...if a heart
to ever another heart intimately
know –

Copyright © Joe DiMino