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The last two months have changed me as a human being

The last months were a challenge,
Like nature was taking a revenge.
People were giving up on their lives,
Many men left the world leaving alone their wives.

We used to go to shop things,
Now pain, trouble and frustration loudly sings.
This whole world has paid a huge cost,
Not only the lives but someone's childhood was also lost.

Our homes were the cages it was difficult to breathe,
Some had no food, some had no shelter now it's nature's turn to mistreat.
Neither the Prime minister nor the public could be asking for somethings.

It was the nature now that come up with it's worst version and brought up all these things.
Somewhere the virus, somewhere the fire,
Now only lives could be admired.

I felt the pain the need for food,
I felt the heat out of the woods.

I saw a man asking for a single meal,
I saw areas and areas with that painful corona seals.

Nature served us with many lessons,
I miss those days at school instead of online sessions.

I wish this shall too pass,
I wish now we start saving the earth rather our class.

Copyright © Paarth Wassan