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fury for the masses II

It was always for the dyeing.
See the amazing 
two headed asexual 
gang of socialite housewives 
revealed on prime time
their anti-social media 
love for handguns god 
Fury for the Masses.
The world is a stage
while the media is the ringmaster.
See the worker drone, 
secretary, CEO of corporation greed go 
militaristic and dispense 
its own brand of prime time primal justice, 
as gang banger teenager transient militant
Aspires for 15 minutes of fame, 
Eternal shame
Each one a you tube star
or tick tock dance god
Each out for blood 
out of time
out of work, 
out for sex 
out for violence 
kill you for nothing 
at all but because 
it’s something to do 
on a Saturday night 
or the bank note you tote
drugs must flow
as the beat drops and grows
Fury for the Masses...

Copyright © Jehiel Taylor