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A Celebration of Life

*Celebration of the life for a dear friend who recently passed.

My dear friend; calm, patient and positive
A giving person who sacrificed and served in faith
You will be in my heart forever, through it all
I celebrate your life, precious time shared, this New Year
You are a man of strength, a helper, an angel to many
You have reached a high place in heaven
All that you shared and gave to many is cherished
Memories remain in the sight of a cardinal bird
In so much guidance and support you gave
In patient conversations and simple coffee time
In graciousness you showed for acts of kindness 
Thank you for every moment of laughter there was,
Every wise piece of advice, every smile with inspiration
Your willingness to be there for anyone in need
Your service to our country and also our state
Your footprints are left here for everyone to follow
Trees are planted in memory of you to flourish
From the roots in the ground, like boots on the ground
To grow tall, reaching for the blue shades of the sky
Your favorite color, I will paint for you to see
To be spread like impressions of your colorful life
I celebrate your life and as you would say, “YEA”!

Heidi Sands


Copyright © Heidi Sands