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To My Future Self

                 Edward, remember this.
            Just like you were a caterpillar
            Before you became a butterfly;
     A bud before you blossomed one spring,
       You'll continue to evolve and flourish
                   In this vale of tears.
    You've got a lot of living to do, my friend.
    Life is what you make it! Embrace it fully!
        Make lemonade out of your lemons,
             Take time to smell the roses!

 Treasure quality time with friends and family.
     Celebrate even the smallest of victories.
          You're traveling through this life
     On the right trajectory; stay the course.
               Let nothing veer you off it!
       You're the sea captain of your destiny;
                  Sail on straight ahead!
         I needn't remind you just how cruel
        This life can be. As you're well aware,
         It isn't done knocking you down flat.

       You'll feel it's punch again and again,
        And you'll fall like timber each time,
         But you won't stay down, Edward.
   You'll get up, dust off, and carry on living!
            You woke up today, didn't you?
            You rose with the morning sun
           Grateful to be alive another day
             To see it set over the horizon.
      Yes sir, you'll rise again like the Phoenix
       Whenever life floors you with it's hook...

      And float along with hope in the clouds!
     Whenever the blue sky turns ashen gray
              And warm sunny days grow
       Unforgivingly cold; from bright to dark,
         Never lose faith, for you'll continue 
              To feel the presence of God
        At your darkest hours, I promise you.
     Keep on living life the best you know how!
    Keep on growing, personally and spiritually.
        May your future continue to be bright
         And gravid with infinite possibilities!

Letter To Your Future Self Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Silent One
Date written: 09/19/2021

Copyright © Edward Ibeh