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Headline News Today

Headlines are all about the Sussexes and royal Palace news
I hurry past them because I don't care about their issues
Seems to be about betrayal, and which side will win out
Too much attention is paid to them, their money and clout

Everyone has an opinion, and if you differ that's alright,
There's so much more than we know about their plight.
I have no respect Camilla or Charles, adulterers, the pair
It's awful that Harry's long been referred to as the 'spare'

It'd probably be best for everyone if Harry would let it go
I understand, maybe not, the road the Sussexes had to tow
If I chose a side, it would be Megan and ginger-haired Harry
Maybe it's true the Royal family didn't want them to marry.

It could be that race played a role in many of their troubles
That's for them to work out while living in privileged bubbles.
It might be true, I don't know, what tabloids have written
but it seems the young prince and his bride are truly smitten.

It's big news on both sides of the pond now that they moved.
We have our own dissension now that McCarthy's approved.
It was a literal fight for him to become Speaker of the House
He sold his soul for the position, which makes him a louse.

Kissed the ring of Trump after calling him guilty of treason,
There lies the mark of a politician...selfish beyond reason.
I'm so sick of hearing about Donald running again in 2024
Vengeance he seeks against those who oppose his civil war.

I don't buy newspapers or read tabloid gossip magazines
Don't care about royal princes, or their kings and queens
but Americans need leaders who'll uphold our Democracy,
not ones whose bureaucratic words reek with hypocrisy.

Copyright © Jenna Logan