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Dr Mikhail Tyaglyy

*Image of Dr Mikhail Tyaglyy AUDIO version for the vision impaired. Dr Mikhail Tyaglyy Go, young man, and conciliate cravings, menacing palls the cherished realm. Shelves are left barren for frantic looks, as aisles reload a virtuous plunge of cobwebbed books, decaying prints accolades of vice barren save one issue ... record stamped BUNKER. Youths immersed in causality and confidence, protest keeps step as discord spreads outward. Mein Kampf now theirs, whimsical misfits and loose ends, melee erupts as age and gender are trivial. Young Romanis heed, while zeal enlivens heels as a body passes by, in lieu of a gurney -- a wheelbarrow suffices. Cadaverous festers, for the emboldened few, dare pierce opacity, glimmers flit defiant palls, as capricious spells law books are easily tainted, usurpers once blind, struggles timorously in their judicial robes. If e'er survivors from off the streets, perchance a hearing, they'll hear an echoing in the silent courtroom, 'tis the calm ere the storm, calamity on trial, as justice for the dead is made more dead than death itself. 50s long gone bigotry kept Santayana periods of disorder a bedlam of societies rise aphoristically said, "Those who cannot remember the past, is condemned to repeat it". ~~a floor lies hope, shift ends, dustpan waits a couple more years. 2022 July 29 *1st Place* Dr. Mikhail Tyaglyy ~~Joe Maverick: Judged 2022 July 31

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