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Cherry Tree Music Co-op

Cherry Tree Music Co-op

alternately titled instant infatuation: 
a moment of spontaneous spunk
instantaneously transformed 
ordinarily shy guy into a quidnunc
courtesy powder milk biscuits
inside his mouth 
bitesize morsels did plunk
wafted courtesy pheromones 
found him punchdrunk
reclusive tendencies bubbled up

(analogous to petrification
found yours truly immobilized 
like Stonewall Jackson)
undermining vetted wanton yearning 
I lapsed into role of celibate monk
nonverbal communication conveyed
that of characteristic, 
eccentric, and generic lunk
gobbed up with gunk
dating gamesomeness I did flunk.

Envision Saint Mary's Church 
3916 Locust Walk; City)
(Circa mid nineteen eighties
after the common lee
washed out tide dull era - CODA).

Naughty bits and pieces asper
an uneventful memory came back
in a flash prompted by a pop up,
(no...NOT the male organ),
which noisily did clack
in my mind, and (methought
hmm...a bit early in the season...
mebbe Santa and his reindeer

made a preseason debut),
just this morn'n
(a boot two plus months
from today October 20th, 2018)
tubby more exact,
but most likely giving me flack
that cerebral din...,
which would not abate?

just rusty cogs and cranky
gears nar fail'n to generate
causing a screeching grate
analogous to soundgarden filled
with 10,000 maniacs
hood did gyrate
ting amidst flickr ring erratic
my third eye blind

began to habituate
where illumination, sans
remembrance became clearer
apparently beckoning with 
wings at the speed of sound,
sorely crying out
particularly in sore need
for me to partially hydrogenate

and/or elbow grease to lubricate
amp pull juice so I could intimate
more specifically, a flop
and embarrassing date
all but forgot till this very moment,
though nothing to equate
the heron now bird den sum present,
to become linkedin with ill fate

that Sunday evening approximately,
the half life of
carbon based organic 
NON GMO matter  - 
Matthew Scott Harris
an awkwardly forced attempt
to foster acquaintanceship,
where gall didst grate

courtesy sans call of the wild,
which brazenness,
and faux brawniness
then, I now hate
and perhaps abysmal outcome
deserved of this then ingrate
okay, I pride myself
to take an interpersonal dare

shot thru with anxiety to broker
a conversation with an attractive gal
aesthetically pleasing with
medium length sandy colored hair
and upon asking, she told me
her name tubby Janet Houck
accompanied yours truly
back to his dorm room

where we did nothing but talk
(and learned her home
town matched my own)
suddenly feeling gun shy,
shrinking into an occupied
emotionally fortified wall -
hermetically sealed
with top brand caulk

and then...? I did balk
where former emboldened gutsiness
drained away from me,
cuz intimate liaison
golden opportunity 
slipped away awk
word lee upended by
my pullulating nervous jabbering.

Copyright © matthew harris