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If You Knew, Boo Hoo

If only you knew, you dumb, gullible whore,
Sitting there with that inane smile on your face,
You silly, empty-headed, crass little bore,
Why do you think I have brought you to this place?
If only you knew, you would walk out the door,
But now there's no escape, you're not in the race,
The woman I really want has said good-bye,
So you, you cheap pushover, will have to die!

If only you knew what had happened before,
When my Trish left me with a scornful grimace,
I'll get her back for that, I'll even the score,
I'll wring her neck, and I'll leave without a trace:
If only you knew what I wanted you for,
We are not, you moron, about to embrace,
My plans for killing Trish must not go awry,
So I'm practising on you, Miss Passer-By!

Poem "inspired" by Val McDermid's "Splinter The Silence," in which the serial killer murders women to perfect plans for bumping off his former fiancee.

"If Only You Knew"
Silent One

Copyright © Beth Evans