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James Adrian Aka The Boss

My father in law was a funny guy
not given to doing much work

With a house full of sons and
daughters as well he found it easy to shirk

His sons ran the saws in the forest 
 the mule  used to skid out the logs

His contribution to sharpen the chains
And decide when to call in the dogs

At home women carried water to wash dishes
humans and laundry

The thought of picking a bucket up
Threw the men folk into a quandary

Women and kids worked the garden 
milked cows and carried wood

In every climate  with no reprieve 
It was just understood 

I felt I had stepped back in time
Or  to an alternate universe

Tried to foment rebellion as the women
Would grumble and curse

never could get them to commit to
on a strike  just sitting down

We've got to plant this tobacco was told before
James gets back from town ...(With more)

The old man was really quite clever
In his backwoods hillbilly way

He hitched the mule to bed springs
that the kids rode without  delay

The soil boiling up and over and out
till broke down as fine as could be

Other than bossing this last lick of toil
the  very last we would see

The ironic part he received an award
for gardener of the year

An award he often spoke of and
One he clearly held dear

He was the director on this set
located in  East Tennessee

A way of life so deeply entrenched
not unearthed by the likes of me

Copyright © Vickey Rhymer