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Blank Space

The "blank space" on this page is waiting "for you,"
invisible as the "yesterday" we knew.

"All too well," silence swells as a submerged sponge.
Tears, like "midnight rain," continue to plunge.

"Come in with the rain," then bid it to depart.
"Come out of the woods," "King Of My Heart."

"Enchanted," on a "white horse," bringing a "clear sky,"
tell me "the story of us" like a gentle lullaby.

As if "we were strangers" for the last time,
we'll explore the "next chapter" with "fearless" rhyme.

Brushed lakeside pine trees, fresh mountain air bliss...
"I know places" like this begin with a kiss.

"Feeling your heartbeat" from my open "cardigan,"
tell me that "the best day" will start again.

"Beautiful eyes," "bigger than the whole sky,"
"open arms," and homemade blackberry pie...

"The way I loved you" wasn't your "style---"
a "red" "dress" "tied together with a smile."

The "afterglow" of "folklore" is like "a picture to burn,"
"untouchable" "starlight" with no means to return.

"Bejeweled" and bewitched are the "delicate" days.
The perfume of my mind is like "lavender haze."

"You belong with me," My "Bittersweet Heart."
The "blank space" on this page is "missing" your part.

Everything in quotes is a Taylor Swift song title.

Copyright © Juliet Ligon