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Beautiful Frivolous Queen

Beautiful, frivolous queen bided her time. 
The castle stood tall and strong.
Silence reigned.  No one dared to speak.
Below the enemy had gathered ready for a fight.

A little soldier thought he was just a pawn
in the hands of the King. Someone sent him a message.
He moved forwards towards the enemy.

The queen frowned and moved sideways
towards the edge of the defence.
Consternation rose up.  Was it a wise move?
Everyone looked at her regalia,
her splendid crown, her painted face
with verdant leaves and eyelashes glittering.
Immediately the bishop intervened.
Some soldiers fell, the battle fierce.

Time passed and the black knight took his position,
near his lovely queen he stood,
for he had to protect her from all ails.
Alas that left the King on his own.
Another knight and bishop intervened.
But the opponent king was astute and steadfast.
One move and a high cry was uttered.
Checkmate.  And all the little pieces 
fell in disarray upon the chequered board.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar