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I heard your heart beat from within
As my life was about to begin 
How blessed was I to call you mom
Your first born I was about to become

Looking back through the years 
You have shed many tears
My disappointments, you always knew
The tears I cried, you cried too

You taught me courage while calming my fears
Acknowledging my accomplishments with joy and cheer
You are always there to plea my case
Coaching in my spiritual race

Sacrifices you selflessly made
My lifetime, I could never repay
You taught me right from wrong
Through your example I learned to be strong

A strong woman you had to be
Overcoming circumstances others could not see
You were brave and courageous through it all
You stood solid and refused to fall

You taught me life’s not always fair
We each have our cross to bear
To carry our cross and do our best
To have Jesus, we are blessed

Your love for Jesus, I most admire
Your spiritual inspiration, my life inspired 
Faith, love and hope you instilled in me
To become the woman I was meant to be

My soul you prayed for, night and day
Before the throne of God, your pleas lay
Your prayers have followed me throughout my life
Keeping me safe, from harm and strife

Your faith never to falter or sway
Teaching me, Jesus is the only way
A God-fearing mother, her child is blessed
Because of your prayers my soul can rest

A woman of God, you stand steadfast and true 
No matter the fiery trials you must walk through 
An example of Christ you strive to be
To have that example taught to me

A woman, I can only hope to be
Love for your children always guaranteed
A woman whose faith has been tested and tried
Never, will your values be compromised

A virtuous woman, the title you own
Your worth, valued above a precious stone  
Your wisdom, directs your children’s footsteps 
Your love cannot me measured by height nor depth

My life has been blessed, my soul anew
Because to God, you stood true
Heaven, we will share while ages roll
Momma, I love you, more than you know

Copyright © Donetta Harless