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a dull day

A Dull Day
It was a dull morning and since my old friends had married when I was at sea,
 I felt rather lonely and had a boiled egg for breakfast.
Took a bus down to the pier where I had a rowing boat.
The sea looked grey and cold but I got two, broke their necks
they had paid for their life caused by my boredom, rolled the fish into an old newspaper
and took them home, cut them up and fed them to the stray cats outside.
Went to a communal bathhouse had a shower, after that I drank coffee at a cafe
ate a Napoleon cake and read old newspapers.
Through the window a slow-moving black car with a train of the dark-hued umbrella.  
Thought of moving the throng, but my umbrella was green and not suited
for a sombre funeral. 
It was noon, walked into the restaurant for a beer, two friends sat there
they were glad to see me thinking I had money, pretended I was looking for someone 
and hurried out. 
At home switched on the TV, which was in its infancy, a woman played the guitar badly
while I waited for the news, which turned out to be local: an accident with 
a hand cart, several suitcases damaged.
Opened a book by Axel Sandemose and read his work to early morning.

Copyright © jan hansen