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I am a Freak N Rock Star in the Hood

My mama checked my social media
‘cause she is all about her baby boy
She saw my Lamborghini and she said
Man, that boy don’t toy!

I am wear’n my Glock when I come to Sunday dinner
She checks me out and says
Damned boy, can you be any thinner?
Fattens me up, for the kill.  In case the cops chase me.

They chase us, you know they do.
They chase us first, assuming we are guilty of something.
I wear my Glock, just in case, between me and you.
Yes that’s my Suburban, my apple dumpling.

You know I’ll protect you with my life.
I have thirty thousand on me, at this second, Baby.
I will not make you my wife,
But I will make you my baby’s mama, maybe.

I’ll kill anyone who tries to hurt you
I have blown away these assholes before.
Just say you’ll be my baby’s mama, Boo.
I am a freak’n rock star in the hood, forever more.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger