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Steven Rogers AKA Captain America

Steven Rogers was born in New York in nineteen twenty, a sweet boy. 
A comic book artist, born to poor Irish immigrants, their pride and joy.
Wanted to join the military and fight Nazis when he was twenty-one.
He was little, too scrawny, he lacked muscles. “Just hand me a gun!”

Comic book writers Jack Kirby and Joe Simon pondered what to do.
They wanted to make him a superhero, and they worked on it too.
They arranged for Army general Chester Phillips to make his day.
He enlisted Steven in the super soldier project, right away.

As Captain America, Steven would have super human strength too.
Terrific at martial arts and hand to hand combat, a durable guru.
He would have outstanding stamina, durability, intelligence and speed.
Kirby and Simon ran with their idea, creating a fine comic indeed.

Captain America faced enemies in Japan and Nazi Germany.
His sidekick Bucky was as proud of him as he could ever be.
The first Captain America comic came out in March of 1941.
Captain America punching Adolf Hitler sold a million copies, fun!

Written 5-19-2022
Contest: Captain America
Sponsor: Robert James Liguori 

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger