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Great Grandmas Cow Pillow

great grandma Suzette loved cows,
her house was decorated in a variety of bovines.
Jersey cows, milk cows, angus cows, dairy cows,
her living room was filled with cows, bulls, horns and cowbells.

grandma Suzette would take her favorites aside one at a time
and promise us her favorite cow pillow.
she promised it to two cousins, Aunt Linda,
Linda’s son and one grandson-in-law.
we all promised to take care of it.

we pretended we would be thrilled to receive it.
It had blue rickrack around the outside and was one of a kind.
I am pretty sure one of her relatives made it.
when she left this earth, she ended up taking it with her.
we put it into her coffin, it seemed fitting.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger