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Chino CIM 91708

The guards said I couldn't make it 
But, there's one not talking now.
     He not talking now. 
They’ll find him in the morning
When you hear that siren howl. 

I've been running through the bushes, 
Through the canyons and the trees.
     Through the trees.
I've been running for my life baby. 
I've been running to get free. 

I'm riding on the night train, 
The bus just takes too long.
     Just too damn long.
No body there can know me 
But the engine knows my song. 

I’m going down Colorado. 
Two days and I’ll be there.
     Coming there. 
I gots to find you woman, 
Run my fingers through your hair.

Keep out of sight babe, 
Stay low until I come.
     I promised I’d come.
I’ll be knowin’ where to find you 
If you keeps your porch light on.

Now they got those bright lights on me
But the lights they're turning black. 
     Slowly turning black.
I ain’t going’ back to Chino, 
Got a bullet in my back. 

Now if you see sweet Angeline, 
Softly tell her that I'm done. 
     My freedom’s done.
But though my broken heart ain’t beatin’,
My soul keeps running on.

Copyright © Ken Rone