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He's Gone Again

He's gone again.
The third deployment in as many years
I hold the babies tight and fight the tears
And curse the plane that takes him through the sky
The babies never know the reason why
He's gone again.

He's there again
A soldier in some hot and hostile land
To rescue people who don't understand
What freedom is, or what they can become
When it applies to all instead of some.
Because he has to give a helping hand
He's there again.

He knows that I am proud as I can be
Though I would rather have him here with me
He's out there being true and being brave
I'm out here with Amelia at the grave
Of her true soldier, putting flowers down.
In this sadder, now slightly smaller town.

He's home again
Much sooner than we thought that he would be
They say he'll walk again. We'll wait and see.
It's up to us to hide the fear inside.
To take his guilt away, replace with pride
That what he did was worth that crazy ride
And one way or the other he'd be free
And home again.

Copyright © Frederic Gray