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COMMON Sense Succinctly Stated

Why waste words when a haiku will do.
When rhyme and limerick make music redundant.
When meaning and message mean more to you
   than twaddle and tripe, and rants arrant.

Words we love, for their sounds and spirit.
Cogent sticky words that you can't not notice
   can't ignore for their goodly taste and merit.
Words we alliterate and masticate into necklace
   strung like beads, worn to adorn and elicit
   tantalising chimes, clangs and gongs in interface
   between writer and reader, bound close-knit 
   with pithy, pungent, poignant, didactic lace.
Common sense, succinctly stated, with just a dash of whit.

7 April 2018
creative commons, didactic, dalliance defiant, 

Copyright © John Anderson