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Alabi Tobi -- You're someone to cover miles with

To the loyalty that never fail 
Counting not thy own alone 
The weight of loss or gain's bail
Though situation at times is unknown 
But to thou, thy stand, no way jail

To the craziness that ever flow
Between the flaming wrath and boiling blood 
Exist the chance caring loves show
Which distempered furious ranging flood
To cease the tide and running really slow

To the care that never snub 
The wailing heart renting red eye
To outpouring the focal drub 
Dragon expresses flaming on high 
Opens calm hand- a consuming tub 

To the cheers that ever boost
Courage to face the reality 
To stand dismission whispering duality
Laying back on  thy joyous face a roost
And have risk greatly reduced  

To oneness in chaos
Without craving mix-up 
Despising all albatross 
With kindest backup 
Showering nice pathos 

To beauty in heart 
Covering sky with white 
Blue, thy style outsmart 
And find peaceful delight 
For today, set apart 

To the favour in test
Standing to chase away freedom
In fear of failure abreast 
By chance prophesy hiring kingdom 
Aiming to arrest thy quest 

Grace, freeze all enemies' dreadful plans
Make his day long on earth for the better
That with joy, celebrations continue its spans 
Till lifelong flaws scent into pacesetter 
Share singers' voices enchant unto fans

Manchester united is not fit enough 
So, give the defeat no chance 
To penetrate into thy holding hailing life
Rather count it a happenstance 
Truly it's shocking enough to make you bluff

Copyright © Olabosoye Wemimo Olaoluwa