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Wally World or Walmart

1.	As you search the aisles at Walmart for something to say to your boyfriend’s mother?

a.	You look for kind words in the book section
b.	You search through the sheets and comforters
c.	You listen to the other customer’s conversations
d.	You pray that she isn’t listening closely to your wisdoms

2.	When there is a sale at Walmart, you – 

a.	Grab your car keys
b.	Put your favorite music on
c.	Head for the clearance aisle
d.	Read all the directions on the sale items

3.	After buying something that doesn’t fit, you – 

a.	Take it back and search the racks for the right size in that color
b.	Decide to toss it to the back of the closet until you loose weight
c.	Head for the diet pills
d.	Make up rhymes in your head about fat girls

4.	During the Christmas season, you shop at Walmart –

a.	Everyday
b.	After payday
c.	Only when they advertise their special sales
d.	After Christmas

5.	If you know someone who works at Walmart, do they say –

a.	Don’t shop there – ever
b.	Shop there when the sales are on
c.	Shop their every chance you get
d.	List what aisles the sales are on this week

6.	On holidays, like Valentine’s Day, do you buy cards that reveal –

a.	Your kindness and love
b.	Your funny bone
c.	Your dark side
d.	Your bath time

7.	After shopping at Walmart, what do you do?

a.	Drink coffee
b.	Dress warmly
c.	Take a cruise
d.	Light up the candles

8.	If you had one J word for Wally World, what would it be?

a.	Joy
b.	Joke
c.	Justice
d.	Jury

The Multiple Choice Poem Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Suzanne Delaney
January 30, 2023

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