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Stay Positive

Stay strong
Think positive
You are not the weird one dear
But are the unique one here.

Laughing people 
You tripped off the stairs...
Get up and Think positive 
You got down fast enough
Leave as no one cares.

Sympathetic looks
You got cheated...
Smile brightly 
Let them wonder you
You were never defeated

Grudge of people
Depressive talks by few...
Aha! The feeling
Jealous they are
They were never like you.

Never speaks to anyone
Why being so rude?
Observers stay calm.
Let them never know
It's your attitude. 

Again office
Was Bad day yesterday...
Think of a purpose 
As you've a heartbeat 
Reason you're alive for today.

Pinching words
You're a stupid pal...
Think brainless jellyfish 
Living hundreds of years
You're not hopeless at all.

Live your life
You never lived before...
Love your life
You never loved before...
People in life
Always leave something
Good one with memories 
And bad with experience 
Enjoy every moment 
Like you never enjoyed before...

Copyright © Alekhya Tenneti