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Somber is the tone of a sighing breeze
To hear her crying, in tormented grief.
Her children use to adore her beauty and its life.
And now with anguish, they rebel with strife.
they have desecrated this wonder with their hate.
Isolated themselves from our mother with haste.
Their mother knows they live in fear of not knowing.
For her children has create their hell and it is growing. 
Few of her children have turned from this destitution.
They begin to make us aware and start on her restitution.
They bring us closer to her with wisdom of the ages.
Showing all who listen to her natural gift of life from her sages.
Native Americans has given us insight on how to live with her.
Other Old religions sought her natural life that is true and sure.
It is not to late to turn away from life of concrete and hopelessness.
To be with our father and mother of love in life well blessed.
Take heed, loved ones, you are well loved and cared for.
And in this life of beauty and wonder, who could want more?

Copyright © Dexter Greener