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Infinity Found

Infinity Found

If joy could just be measured in a flower,
And happiness's worth by breadth of smile,
Or all life's pleasures fit into an hour,
What of my journey fits into a mile?

I traveled far upon an ocean deep,
Then trod the land where Ghengis Khan had slain.
I crossed to old Formosa without sleep,
Then used the trade winds breath imbued with rain.

Agana had a marveled beach of snow,
Up north was The Land of The Rising Sun.
And charting 'gainst the sunset's faintly glow,
I find that Kona's beach and I are one.

When once again I crossed the ocean blue,
I spied the Golden Bear where few had tread.
Then strode in awe among the greenish hues--
Cathedrals built by God with trees of red.

Next, trekking east to find the midwest plains,
I climbed the spires that Nature towered high.
Where summit after summit that one gains,
Forever brings one closer to the sky.

But then, I reach the desert dry and still,
And finding peace at last no longer roam.
Dichotomy of earth: both hot and chill;
This wind-scribed scape is Nature's greatest tome.

So what amazing secrets did I learn,
While traveling this world both far and wide?
I learned that Nature's gifts you cannot earn,
And seas of life can change from tide to tide.

Still, I found the joy within a flower,
And learned the magic worth within a smile,
I fit life's pleasures into ev'ry hour,
And found infinity within that mile.

Copyright © Shawn Hall