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Blood Part 2


Blood stained into lands being conquered
Blood on this can of Monster
Blood in the water
Blood pooling and congealing from all the slaughter
Blood hitting close to home,  when you got a squatter
Blood whether the weather turned colder or hotter
Sometimes had to be your own blood blotter
Regardless of if you think, why should I bloody bother?
Much more than blood I have to offer
Blood smeared coins in the coffer
Would you spill blood to protect your daughter and father?
Don't bring all this blood around family, especially any toddler

Blood on a ball used for soccer
Blood on a piece of copper
Blood on a bottle of lager
It was a bloody scene after the use of a chopper
The bloody aftermath captured on film by a helicopter
Blood ended up on a bolt and washer

Blood flowing through the body or going out if your a soon to be goner
Blood all over in a world that can be bonkers
Could stay peaceful or soon turn to blood from here to yonder
Familiar with blood as a warmonger
Blood being drawn, from not being able to hold out any longer
Much more than blood sweat and tears can get you stronger
All this blood makes me ponder

Sad that blood makes too many excited enough to holler
Blood among nightcrawlers
And blood always near lifeforms that are larger or smaller
The residue of blood on dollars
As well as blood on the shirt collar
Blood spilled in extravagance or in squalor
It would be a bloody outrage for a prince, but not for a pauper

Blood the one thing too many thirst of
Drawing first blood
The blood becoming of one with mud
Blood covered spuds
An unexpected surge of blood from a flood

Blood underneath the moon and the sun
Blood from the threads of fate already being spun
Blood takes the sides of none
Blood is just never quite done

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree