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I was preceding to the podium to begin my chirp,
The old man there gives out a burp 
After tasting his soup with a slurp.
He asked, “Who’s that little twerp?”
For me that was a usurp.

I took a deep breathe...
Remembered of the Greek Lethe
Which made me start with seethe 
I was all set to unsheathe,
Ignoring my chattering teeth.

My voice was fumbling 
And I was grumbling 
Thoughts were jumbling 
Instead of stabling,
I was stumbling..
Eventually my dreams were crumbling....

I took control over the dire 
In order to set the stage on fire
Because I was on the spire
There was only a thin wire
Between me and my choir

I crooned for the people to Admire
And my hopes to ASPIRE.

Copyright © Jyothsna Praba