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We traverse those extraordinary significances that transpired
well earned, spent in our fabled youth's labyrinth corridors
obliged naive hearts bolted in present infinity for so oft
succeeding the key of memories becall. It beckons
in subsequent years of a pensive soul tryst with
thyself. Loneliness fades grasped by natures
opening redolences proffering counsel to
evaporate my soul resplendent aspiration to utterance, awakening
greeted birds to flight and favor a dusky crown bejeweled by
distant stars flickering arousal as a moon in its assiduous
mood o'er guiding men to sort out words of worn-out
theme deftly tucked away neath backseats of row
vehicles parked on an acclivity crowded lane. 

Steered twilight's, vigilant years wane,
within the effervescent youth from
dawns intrepid golden sleigh. 

2020 February 02

Copyright © William Kekaula