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Arsenic Cyanide AC

Arsenic has an atomic number of 33. 
It has 33 protons in its nucleus and 
33 electrons buzzing around the nucleus.
1.When arsenic is mixed into food or drink,
2.It is odorless,colorless and tasteless and
the symptoms of a single large dose resemble 
those of bad food poisoning.
3.Arsenic can also be given in smaller doses
over a longer period of time that produces
subtler slowly progressing symptoms including,
weakness,confusion,paralysis and death.
4.Hydrogen cyanide is a pale blue or colorless
liquid at room temperature,while sodium cyanide
and potassium cyanide are white powders.
5.Symptoms are weakness,nausea,seizures,
difficulty breathing,and cardiac arrest.
Note.Chemical Drink,Drugs and Injection GAME.

Copyright © Kyler Quinn