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If hurt was a man 
that man could have been me
If hurt had a face 
that could have been mine
When I look into the mirror
The thing I see isn't me
When I look into myself 
What I see is a stranger
A stranger hurt and bitter

If hurt was a mother
I could have been her son
If I had a sister
That sister would have been pain
My family would have been shame
All I feel is pain, pained and hurt
Existence might be a gift 
But my life is a curse

If words were a place 
Hurt would have been my yard
And pain my dwelling 
My heart is burren of bliss
Dark like winter Sahara nights
Happiness is an abomination 
Abominable to my life
Shame are my in-laws 
and Loathe my wife
I know all the hues of hurt
I am a rainbow of pain

If life was a ball game
I could have been the ball
Hurt and pain the players 
In a pitch of shame
On the Himalayas winter nights
Hate and shame spectators 
Arbor the ampere 

My heart bleeds
It bleeds blocks of ice
Ice of painful hurt
This broken heart of mine 
And this troubled mind I have
Are hanging like vampire bats
Hiding in smiles during the day
Breaking free by night
To torment my poor soul

Copyright © Julius Machiri