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Who shall I tell this story
Who will heal this injured glory
We were like Jack and Jim
We climbed the hills together 
Like a cock poured hot water
My comb is fallen with no feathers
To beautify my skin
The pride of my womb lies desolate
Who will suck this firm breast up before they become fallen
Cried out Mama Africa

The portage of hot yam have been served
My children are eating with bare hands 
Stained by their red bloody thick pourage 
What baffles me is how hungry they are
But still eat with heated hated courage
Cried mother Africa
As she watched down from the Futajjan 

Asante Asante Asante
With his golden stool he accended 
As mama Africa enchanted
The fire wood is ready for fire he seated
My son the woods have been used for cooking while you were asleep
As Mama Africa hissed
There comes my son Odudua
With his brother Eri looking angry
The water in the coconut have excaped 
It was never sapped

Woo-hoo woo-hoo woo-hoo cried mother Africa 
Who chased the spiders and break the webs
Now they travel on their own in peace and shame
Mama Africa cried out
Anansi where is your trick your brothers children have faced a puzzle they can't solve
Chiwara she called the beauty in thy horn now
Have become thorns on thy head
Mawu-Lisa the twins, where lies the beauty of your marriage

Kwakwau kwakwau kwakwau Mama Africa cried with all her children lost in thought
The Obodom drum beat can no longer withhold my tears
Abbassi and Attai whispered as she cried
Chineke moved out in confusion 
As Arusi quickly brought his snuff box
Even my evil heart can not bear this shame Adrao murmured 
Damballa my son you failed to govern my children's will
You allowed my children forget the road and work the hill she queried

Roog,Mwari reject the sacrifices your brothers are at war Mama Africa cautioned
Chuita tell Obatala that his handicapped children need healings
who will dry my tears shouted mama Africa
As she wailed aloud. 
As all her children gathered around the fire
Tired and retired they all joined their mother to wail
As they watched from Futajallon at they took of their crown.

Copyright © Patrick Ituma