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Ragdoll Poems

Ragdoll Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ragdoll poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ragdoll.

New Poems

shattered heart
i search for love in all the wrong places not knowing that it would cost me my heart oh how painful it was as i wash my heart being shattered in to million pieces i waited for someone to come...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, break up, devotion, emotions, first love, for
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Your Voodoo Doll
I am your little voodoo doll your little effigy, I am what you hate the most, your number one enemy
You made a model of me so that you could inflict pain at any time, and what did I do to...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, books, feelings, heartbreak, heartbroken, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Fifteen Fabulous Felines PET
A cacophony of cats in my life.
Not one or two, but fifteen!
Each,who along with joy,
brought sadness and strife!
All shapes and sizes with grand
and most loving personalities.

The Maine Koone was the smallest
of all.
Maxine was pedigreed and came
home as a present for...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, cat, love, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Love and Courage

About Lucey, a Ragdoll Cat: Saved from Death

Lucey was my feline dream!
I had never seen such love from a cat's eyes
~ so heavenly stream.

No, I did not find her at a shelter!
She was at the Vet's scheduled for death,
And in...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, art, beautiful, love,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member TERRA FIRMA

When both my feet don’t touch the ground
Lightheadedness proves overwhelming
Turbulent thoughts going while coming
They swirl about me round and round

Cloaked in black a moonless night
The howling dreadful spiteful wind prevails
Spellbound drags me over hills and vales
Like a ragdoll in the...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, dark, fear, grief, night, surreal,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Alan Kurdi
Alan Kurdi lies on the beach
Like autumn’s fallen leaf
Seagulls soar in the sky
Singing a song of grief

His eyes are bright pools
Swimming in the deep
Are forgotten faces full
Of pain, faces that weep

Alan Kurdi doesn’t breakfast
No sugar puffs or corn flakes
Snap, crackle...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, 5th grade, beach, child, death, freedom, grief,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Thanks To You All
Thanks to you all
Thanks to those who come to, practise poems, 
write, read and share poems 
and comment on others

Thanks to those who read my
writings, do comments, follow 
me, avoid my poems, block
and ban me from their list
Thanks to...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, how i feel,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member 6 TO 8 RAG DOLL
Beautiful at one time, now withering in sorrow, tears, and hope. She shrugs, as 

she moved her black hair letting it hang over her shoulder feeling a tremor of 

trepidation. She gazes at her reflection in the mirror tracing the...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, abuse,
Form: Verse
Premium Member 6 - 8 RAGDOLL - EMOTIVE WRITE
Sally was a new mum, whose baby screamed continually
Despite being fed and changed, her child continued to cry
Rocking and cooing a lullaby did not console the babe
Patience was wearing thin for Sally, a single mother
Sally was exhausted and one night...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, abuse, baby, deep, sad, , Lullaby,
Form: Verse
6-8 - Ragdoll
A small little maiden with a tiny little sundress
Eyes made of thread and hair made of yarn
So small and insignificant yet appealing to the eye
My little golden-haired ragdoll
Seems so small and unimportant
That you can’t see its hidden meaning
It shows that...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, beauty,
Form: Verse
Premium Member 6 To 8- Ragdoll
Rag doll, received, ready for play, except for her tatterdemalion dress.
Yet this child, of doleful tears, hugs tight her ragamuffin, sans regret.
Sweet child, with soiled cheeks, sings sweetly in whispered tweets.
The final gift ferreted from under the giving tree, was...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, child,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Bit ''Oddball''
I was a little girl with a tattered ragdoll,
       and I lived in an attic that was not tall;
           in fact, there were parts...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, child, poverty, sad, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Depleted by Tomorrows
Sunbaked to crisp this rag your hand enriched,
Hangs on a wire exposing tattered thread,
Rung-out depleted by tomorrows switched,
Lifeless without you, left, now lonesome bled.
Days wiped as months turned years following fast,
All while my focus rusts once where we were,
A rite...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, lost love,
Form: Sonnet
Eight Seconds To Glory
The hustle and bustle as I get ready to ride     My leather chaps at my side   The announcer telling stories about my ride     About the only bull that no one can ride    Yeah you guessed it    The bulls...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, adventure, animal,
Form: Cowboy
Drawing a Blank
We picked up straws one by one,
Were chosen just by chance.
And thirteen men were drawn by lots,
With power to play God.

We marched in ordered single file,
To the armory went,
Each was given a tool of death
To kill with legal writ

Lone post...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, emotions, faith,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Someone To Love
Someone to Love

Sweet little ragdoll with tar button eyes
do you see your worth, when the little ones cry?
Can you feel their hearts lighten,
at your faded yarn smirk?
Or sense how you're cherished, when the world grows dark?

Sweet little ragdoll of sackcloth...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, best friend, childhood, devotion, smile, thank you,
Form: Free verse
The Demons That Grasp Me
Demons grasp my soul,
as I drown in my own tears,
they pull me into hell,
I cry out in despair,
their claws tear through me,
the pain that I cannot bear,
my body refuses to fight,
I become a ragdoll,
As they feast upon my soul,
Is inevitable

...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, anger, betrayal, death, depression,
Form: Free verse
Compulsive engagement
The baby cries

A shuddering, screeching, howling force
that grabs her Mother by the throat,
shaking her like a ragdoll,
coughing, spluttering, 
spewing spit and tears 
flying from her face 

The cries were 
every other day at first,
then every day,
now every hour
or less

She knows...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, addiction, dark, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Summer Dreaming
This is the third
I've planted
climbing roses

The first two failed
to fulfill
my romantic fantasy
efflorescent roses
flaunting their
frilly pink bodice
and hooped skirts
draped in loops
like gingerbread
or fleur-de-lis
across the white
French trellis

I guess I'm really a
fairy trapped
inside this 5' 8"
terrestrial body
I love how the
with the pentagram
tattooed on...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, magic,
Form: Free verse
Down in my hearts ocean
I will drown in my selfish emotion
My hearts empty room yet deafening commotion
My heart is black, sitting with no motion

As I throw stones to skip in the sea
As a symbol of sympathy
Cause this ocean is a...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, anger, depression,
Form: Free verse
Heartbeat slows,
Limbs grow cold,
Memory recalling constant turmoil. 

Memories recanted,
Moments fade to blackness.
This is it. 
Time to release these demons. 

Red lines decorate your paper skin, 
No one knows the secrets within.
You’re so delicate. 
Fragile design, 
Hypocrites delight. 

Stitch up your...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, abuse, analogy, anger, dark, death, depression, youth,
Form: Lyric
Not Your Rag Doll Any More
                                       ...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, allegory, funny, satire, me, heart, lost, heart,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Everything You Say Are Lies
I never thought it was
Asking too much. Asking 
For you to care. Was I so
Much of a chore for you? Did
Being my friend lose it’s appeal
So you toss me aside like an
Old ragdoll? Was that all it
Was for you? Did...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, friendship
Form: Free verse
I Awake To Darkness (part 3)
As I lay there like a lifeless ragdoll
I realize that I have lost it all
Rising I struggle to regain my stance
I don't know if I will get another chance
Seeing my path I begin to walk
The spirits in my mind quietly...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, adventure, visionary
Form: Epic
I Am Wolf
I am the seeker in the dark.
I am that for which you  fear.
You run but I can smell and taste terror that fills the air.

You are lost in a realm I call home.
My cries to lure you out ...Read More
Categories: ragdoll, fantasy
Form: Narrative