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For Her Prose Poems

These For Her Prose poems are examples of poetry about For Her Prose. These are the best examples of Prose For Her poems written by international poets.


A deep wooded valley, heavily condensed with enriching moisture, and more importantly, teeming with an assortment of life, of every size, shape, and species. One...

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Categories: beautiful, goodbye, insect, inspiration,

Tuatha De Danann
 She heals the trees, Goddess Danu,
she is the keeper of Spring.
She’s been seen by very few,
regenerating plant beings.

Oh, the power she possesses,
this goddess of...

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Categories: environment, fairy, myth, nature,

In concert
She had a voice of her own. She didn’t always sound melodious; but was always true to the ear. Her tone was always in tune...

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Categories: prose, encouraging, for her, freedom,

You're infectious you know
More subtle than any virus
The way you infiltrated my system and
Slipped past my defenses
I fell for you faster than i realized
And it...

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Categories: for her, friend, love,

Premium Member Hopeless Romantic Number 9
Too long I limped along a lonely road, born into this Sahara desert of a life, 
parched and hungry, face weathered and gaunt.
A deaf, dumb,...

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Categories: prose, devotion, for her, love,

Girl with her dreams
She is a small girl from a small town 
Holding her dreams and her needs 
On the ground where she needs to fight 
For her...

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Categories: prose, angel, dream, future, girl,

Sometimes we must steal and loan kisses
Sometime we must steal and loan kisses

Beautiful lady arrived at the Austin's tavern at twelve trying to escape the Texas Summer heat.
Once she wanted everything...

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Categories: prose, dark, poetry, women,

Premium Member The Woman in the Morning

As the quiet around her beckons her call upward, 
she bows her head and begins her address to her Heavenly...

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Categories: christian, faith, for her,

Premium Member Her Courage
Our helpless girls in the society hide 
Their harassment or abuse sometime
For fear of being ashamed,
But not that brave girl of a remote town, 

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Categories: prose, integrity, society,

I'm just saying
I know the love is genuine because you're willing to sacrifice your glory 
I know your passionate about it because your willing to try &...

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Categories: beautiful, best friend, black

Night Surrender
Night Surrender 
Conscience jolting back and forth, 
between safety and danger, 
as I try to surrender my mind to the darkness 
and rescue of my...

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Categories: deep, desire, dream, feelings,

The raven and the coyote
The Raven and the Coyote
The Raven watched the moon. Her interest awoken by the sitting Coyote on the mountain ridge. The Coyote was the...

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Categories: prose, dance, heart, lost love,

Reaching out to you -
Can you hear my voice,
on the other side?
I call quietly out to reach your ear, 
and hope your heart will listen.
I don't care to reach...

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© Tom Pen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, adventure, analogy, appreciation,

Domestic Abuser
You represent the streets like only you do
But, hate the fact that you're and abuser too
You abused your children and tried to take their mother's...

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Categories: prose, abuse, child abuse, hurt,

Premium Member Poetry Prose Or Something Else
She walked in casually, like she did not know how kind she was.
But her aura was flaming with it.  And I felt it immediately.

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Categories: prose, poetry, poets, write, writing,

Credo Of An Old Soul
I love my family but am not wholeheartedly committed to them.

I am significantly detached from society as a whole itself.

I shall always embrace my inner...

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Categories: character, faith, inspirational, philosophy,

Curiosity, what was it again that made her they're off the steady beaten and path?
in the sense of going off into a strange place that...

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Categories: confidence, courage, simple,

The Protectors
All she really wanted to do was to live her life the way she wanted to live, not the way the protectors thought she should.

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Categories: prose, destiny, dream, encouraging,

The sand quest
I spot a nipper fast at play,
On the beach, a task in mind.
Counting grains of sand all day,
Can't stop now, way short on time.

Her curious...

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Categories: prose, wisdom,

Premium Member Sent For By Wise Woman
Wise woman sent for her the usual way.  Dream summons.
Marna headed to the mystical cliffs at first inkling of dawn.
Lucan followed of course, being...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,