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Power Political Verse Poems

These Power Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Power. These are the best examples of Political Verse Power poems written by international poets.

Premium Member ProHealth Virus
Heightened global consciousness
of viral threats to health and safety
seem to now create
a multicultural shift
transcending liberal and conservative
responses to mortal fear
and anger against immortal powers

Longing for...

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Categories: caregiving, change, community, culture,

Premium Member Seminal Enlightenment
When I was in an interfaith seminary
I noticed three models
for understanding a faith community's purpose
in a democratic and diverse society.

1. Conservation of SelfRighteous Anger

To compete...

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Categories: community, faith, health, political,

Premium Member Revolutionary 2020 Spirals
Revolution is to ReEnergizing Spirals
as Evolution is to EnergyWaves
for those with 20/20 revisioning skills.

Tibet's Buddhist teachings
include a bicameral conscious practice
called Tonglen,
which might summarily be described,

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Categories: culture, education, health, integrity,

Premium Member A Healthier Patriotism
My own patriotic U.S. extended family,
and currently
remains StraightWhiteMale privileged
in our collective memories,
if not imaginations,
of spiritual communion
with all the more privileged saints
and future

But, we have also...

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Categories: games, gospel, health, passion,

Premium Member Voices Investing in Power
I think the political left
makes too much noise
about enlightened democratic goals
of our LeftBrain dominant
white property-owning

To be respectfully
and resonantly heard
by economic RightWing Christian, 
and other Supreme-Dogmatist,...

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Categories: earth, health, integrity, patriotic,

Premium Member Integrity v Privilege
You, like all human embodied minds,
whether individual
or collective, tribal

Right hemisphere feelers,
sometimes left handed,
Left hemisphere thinkers,
dominant right handed,
have suffered wounds,

Self-esteem losses
for not being internally transparent
and externally...

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Categories: health, integrity, nature, peace,

This is What We The People Means
Justice tendered with "Mercy,and "Love" is "True Justice" for "All of "The People" : This includes "The Police,Our Political Leaders,Our Religious Leaders,and "Regular Citizens of...

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Categories: 10th grade, 1st grade,

Premium Member Racist Systems
Systemic racism
is a social/cultural pattern
of racial prejudice
originating within individuals
and their anecdotal experiences
and lack of multiculturally enriching discernment

Shedding light,
and shredding dark,
power analysis,
political and economic,
on patterns of...

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Categories: culture, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member Death Tied Life
What lies waiting
at the end of a self-made
independently empowered
"pulled my own economic-political bootstraps"

A unilateral
linear life,
like any passionate journey,
requires an end point
for returning in the opposite...

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Categories: death, health, integrity, journey,

Premium Member Democratic Health Images
Imagine your healthiest body
is a democratic
self/other empowering organism

most nutritionally,
nurtured by an also open,
dynamic win/win preferential,
revolving planetary universe,
in many sacred times and places
also known as MotherEarth.


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Categories: education, green, health, heart,

Premium Member Bright Beauty
If a maturely individuated ego...

Honey, you just left out most of us.
Could you work on being more inclusive?

is organically 
holistically SelfAware,
codedefining as 
Not some Other...

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Categories: birth, earth, health, light,

Premium Member HealthCare Civics
A natural/spiritual,
bicameral dialogue
develops a healthy cognitive/affective individual,

So too,
development of a metaphysical system,
is, through diverse seasons,
and re-creative
and pre-creative
and un-creative
and not un-creative
in-between synthesis

Of physical facts
and metaphysically felt...

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Categories: appreciation, environment, health, integrity,

Why Can't We Have A Democracy
Democracy! Democracy! Can't we have Democracy?
Mob-Rules brings terror, and makes normal out of atrocity!
Communism! Communism! Why can't we all just have Communism?
Why work when you...

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Categories: angel, political,

Premium Member Privileged Cultures AfterThought
It feels fascinating
that horny voracious passions
dissipate in the presence of ego-centered fear
of pain and suffering
and ego-defeating loss,
disability and predative performance anxieties,
short-term through permanent
degenerating energy,
absence of...

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Categories: health, integrity, peace, power,

Premium Member Privileged Testosterone Cultures
One of my several disabilities
of personal knowledge
through experience
and, therefore, empathic intelligence,
is to know what estrogen-driven "horniness"
might feel like,
look and sound like,
taste and smell like.

Gay men...

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Categories: culture, earth, environment, green,