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Poverty Personification Poems

These Poverty Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Poverty. These are the best examples of Personification Poverty poems written by international poets.


The wise I asked:

" Tell me oh wise one, where could I justice find?"

" Justice, terrified, has fled from earth 


couldn't find a harbor in...

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Categories: people, poverty,

My Favourite Soup
I cooked rice
using my poetry book as a stove
my mind as a pot
my pen as spoon
ink as a kind of source
now I have a soup

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Categories: poetry,

Lost man
Hurtful mind that escalates when the heart is surrounded by pain and sorrow.The body weakens when the soul is destroyed.Disappointments have caused for doubt and...

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Categories: poverty,


Oh! Charity
An entity to behold
I glare with compassion
My virtue of generosity.

Chaste is my goodwill.
Woe! be tide those squanders
Oh!  The tears of the orphans!
Why shy...

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Categories: appreciation, care, devotion, sad,

Education is the liberator from poverty
Education you 're the champion of the poor 
You're a roof under which people who love you shelter 
You open the eyes of the ignorant,...

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Categories: africa,

My Oldest Brother
My Oldest Brother

There is a story in the Bible about a young man name David who slew a giant name Goliath.  My oldest brother...

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Categories: brother, dream, hope, inspiration,

A Prairie Prayer
I am a humble man                    ...

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Categories: earth, farm, giving, god,

Kashmir-The woman
Kashmir is the innocent beauty of nature
It lifted me above all mire dark and dense.

Kashmir is the divine smile
It gifted me a peace beyond all...

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Categories: feelings, love, pain, philosophy,



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Categories: heartbroken, poverty, sorrow, prejudice,

Apogee Ae
Zenith of mount
Apex of all
No peak to high
No aim too tall
He reaches, he strains;
He wears himself thin. 
He toils, he strives; 
His drive to be...

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Categories: metaphor,

Morals uprooted, the trickle of time the life of a man, the life of a lie the solace thoughts of a broken thing, with the...

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Categories: growth, hate,

Premium Member Wait For Me
You wish to possess me
I am the embodiment of your dreams
Yet I remain elusive
I tease you
I allow you to hold me but not for long

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Categories: introspection, me, work, me,

swallows despair
in the city of strangers I was born and horses 
knew it as the voice of the sad path 
 roads between my fingers befuddled...

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Categories: adventure