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Animals Nature Poems

These Animals Nature poems are examples of Nature poems about Animals. These are the best examples of Nature Animals poems written by international poets.

In a world full of greed, pursuit of power,
divisiveness, ruthlessness, racism rife,
fake promises, fake news, lies and deceit.
Money matters more than mankind.
I need to escape.

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Categories: corruption, nature,

delectable dolphins
dancing here
near harbor

Instead of gondolas
white swans float
like the boats

healthily, gallivant
without tumult

A little bird's chirp
outreaches our ears

A single word
has made crucial changes
across the world

And some...

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Categories: animal, nature, sad,

Premium Member ON HOLY GROUND

       A Higher Power created all 
       Mountains to the great humankind

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Categories: earth, nature,

Premium Member Nature Inspired
Mornings mist's blanket- rose 
'Bove the treetop's, it goes
Dewdrops drip...everywhere 
Flowers, plants, reappear
Animals, early-birds 
Talking; animal words

Nature's own, morning's- best  
Forest life...fully...

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Categories: nature,

Not quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch the skies. I cry hello.
Fox in the hole
Of distant waves and birds awake.
The fox...

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Categories: nature, adventure, analogy, animal, bird,

Horses And Cheetahs
For most animals of the wild,  life is all about the next meal and raising their young. For a few horses, it's a sport,...

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Categories: animal, endurance, nature,

Clyde Lied
Honeymoon Not-So-Sweet, or, Clyde Lied!
(a limerick for adults and older teens)
by Michael R. Burch

There once was a mockingbird, Clyde,
who bragged of his prowess, but lied.

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Categories: nature, animal, desire, humor, humorous,

The Mallard
The Mallard
by Michael R. Burch

The mallard is a fellow
whose lips are long and yellow
with which he, honking, kisses
his bawdy, boisterous mistress;
my pond's their loud bordello!


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Categories: nature, animal, humor, humorous, light,

The Platypus, a Double Limerick
Double Limerick: The Platypus
by Michael R. Burch

The platypus, myopic,
is ungainly, not erotic.
His feet for bed
are over-webbed,
and what of his proboscis?

The platypus, though, is eager
although his...

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Categories: nature, animal, desire, humor, humorous,

This place
This space
Is not for me.
The deafening buzz,
the roar,
Of pollination.

More bees
Than I have ever
Seen before,
Speeding to feed,        ...

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Categories: animal, flower, nature, planet,

Premium Member DEATH NATURE- -
Death Nature 

Oh, how I love nature’s death;
As the season takes it rest;
Taking of its last thread of breath
Alas, climate changes jest;

It’s in death nature...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, nature, seasons,

The files of Doctor Hugh Mein
in 2040 in a small town in
near Seattle. 
 A Group of college students
on a class assignment found
a briefcase with the words
"GODSENT" on the front.

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Categories: animal, nature, science, science

The Hare
Swiftly and bravely,
The Hare scatters from its home,
a glimpse of nature.

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Categories: animal, nature,

Premium Member Noah's Woods
On a darkened night in a full moon's glow 
Alone, I walk, on a midnight stroll 
Along the trail, where Old Buck roams 
A path...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Wealth of Spring
Wealth of Spring

Assorted spring flowers, naked, rise in morning sun
Breaking through a thin blanket of snow, earth spun.
Cascades of dainty narcissus smile with golden faces

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Categories: beauty, flower, nature, spring,

Premium Member The Beauty Of Animal Kind
A  Animals other than my kind are
B  Beautiful, loving souls; empathic to their
C  Core and full of absolute
D  Devotion 
E ...

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Categories: animal, nature, pets, poems,

As I look at nature, it’s sure delight,
because what I see is a lovely sight.
Can’t you hear the birds take flight?
daffodils sway to the left...

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Categories: appreciation, love, nature,

Take it in
 First, look to your left,

 then look to your right,

 do you see that alright? 

 what your looking at is purity, 


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Categories: inspiration, nature, poetry, rap,

Yamaguchi Seishi haiku translations
Yamaguchi Seishi haiku modern English translations

Grasses wilt:
the braking locomotive
grinds to a halt.
—Yamaguchi Seishi, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Ceaseless chaos—
ice floes clash
in the Soya straits.

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Categories: animal, earth, nature, seasons,

I think its funny how when I go to sleep 
there are animals that are just now waking up

Stretching their muscles
Tightening their senses

In life there...

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Categories: animal, environment, metaphor, nature,