Argentine Poems and Poetry from Argentina

Argentine poems and poetry from Argentina. Read examples of argentine poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Slovenly Slovene ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo11/18/2016
Premium Member Poem We Are Not Now ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben08/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Monoku ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben08/20/2016
Premium Member Poem Gravity ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben05/28/2016
Premium Member Poem Just Married ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben05/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Missed Curfew ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben05/24/2016
Premium Member Poem 2X1 Happy Hour Senryu ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben05/23/2016
Premium Member Poem Poetry Shower ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben05/07/2016
Premium Member Poem The Snap ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben04/04/2016
Premium Member Poem Broken Conch ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben03/30/2016
Premium Member Poem Shadows from the Past ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben03/14/2016
Premium Member Poem Innocents of All ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben01/23/2016
Premium Member Poem Anagram ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben12/11/2015
Premium Member Poem Liver and Onions ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben11/09/2015
Premium Member Poem Down to Earth ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben08/23/2015
Premium Member Poem Crown of Dewdrops - Collom's Lune ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben08/05/2015
Premium Member Poem Puppy Love ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben08/03/2015
Premium Member Poem At First I was Afraid ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben07/31/2015
Premium Member Poem In Bed, Side by Side ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben07/27/2015
Gangstalking ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo06/29/2015
The Story Of My Uniform ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/30/2015
Such a nice guy ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/11/2015
Premium Member Poem In Twilight ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben03/20/2015
Premium Member Poem Mirror, Mirror ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben11/19/2014
Premium Member Poem Under Maple Trees ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben09/04/2014
Premium Member Poem On Unexpected Hair Styles -- Footles ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben08/19/2014
THE TURKISH TURKEY ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/23/2014
Dude, where's my automobile ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/21/2014
DARK CASTLE ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/16/2014
COFFEE AND SHERRY ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/14/2014
RUSSIAN MOUNTAIN ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/12/2014
My hovercraft is full of eels ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/07/2014
INCORRIGIBLE SINNER ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/06/2014
The quick brown fox ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/05/2014
The priest who wants to rest RELOADED ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/02/2014
A smooth sea ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo05/01/2014
The priest who wants to rest ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/29/2014
Why are cold stars red and hot stars blue ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/25/2014
Polyphagia on board ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/23/2014
A Rhymester's Couplet ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/22/2014
Contemptible Cuisine ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/21/2014
Premium Member Poem Differences and Distinctions ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben04/18/2014
A HEARTFELT REVIEW ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/18/2014
Aquarium ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/17/2014
The Finches ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/14/2014
My rhyme the best ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/14/2014
Wymark's Room ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/11/2014
Premium Member Poem Stones ArgentineArgentinaO., Ruben04/10/2014
ON MY SHREW'S DEATH ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/10/2014
That Devious Rogue ArgentineArgentinaCosentino, Ivo04/09/2014