Portuguese Poems and Poetry from Portugal

Portuguese poems and poetry from Portugal. Read examples of Portuguese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

under a stone PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/21/2017
resurrection PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/20/2017
president Kennedy PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/18/2017
the plateau PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/16/2017
indoor and outdoor plants PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/14/2017
a story of a mountain PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/13/2017
the cleaning lady PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/11/2017
the gloom of October PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/10/2017
the para PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/09/2017
Gods Laughter PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/08/2017
dance of the wolves PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/07/2017
tomorrow's future PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/05/2017
August night PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/04/2017
lonely is the famous PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/03/2017
autumnal air PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/02/2017
the french connection PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan11/01/2017
just before dawn PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/31/2017
dressed to kill PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/30/2017
catering PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/29/2017
the rulers PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/28/2017
meatloaf PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/27/2017
the Nordic tribe PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/26/2017
when the old man was a sailor PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/24/2017
old man swims PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/23/2017
happy birtday PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/22/2017
beer in a bucket PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/21/2017
a blanket and a coffin PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/20/2017
the talent PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/19/2017
war in the cities PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/18/2017
an accidental old man PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/18/2017
the enigma PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/17/2017
the enigma PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/17/2017
the walker PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/16/2017
the saver PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/14/2017
old poet and red wine PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/13/2017
street walker in Oslo PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/12/2017
the mighty fall PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/11/2017
interlude PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/10/2017
the island in the sea PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/08/2017
the whites PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/07/2017
reflection in a phial PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/06/2017
Las Vegas PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/05/2017
a local dish PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/05/2017
Farghana valley PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/04/2017
a dog story PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/03/2017
the big lie PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan10/02/2017
always a stranger PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan09/30/2017
on a sunny day PortuguesePortugalhansen, jan09/29/2017
README-txt PortuguesePortugalQuest, Tom Alan09/28/2017
Cai Die PortuguesePortugalQuest, Tom Alan09/28/2017