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Hope Narrative Poems

These Hope Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Hope. These are the best examples of Narrative Hope poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Great Little England
  skinny island rump
  highway seas churning the horizon under turbulent skies
  entity England
  migration waves still grounding along the continental...

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: culture, england, history,

Spooks Who Boo Spoke

I’m the latest ghostly tale of a Dead Sea non-person
A son of a slave seed; 
I Diaspora bled from wooden callousness,
inside a cadaver pale white...

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Categories: allegory, identity, truth, visionary,

The Silent plead
He tread the path                
Trudging and grunting 
Toward a deadened hope 

Vesting on his armour 
While taking off
His own honour 

Unsheathing his sight 
As his...

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Categories: emotions,

Where is Jesus
When things go this way
I pray
Oh God come to my aid
Hope fade
Giving up to praise
Whenever Jesus delays.

Drencho POET Loads


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Categories: sorrow,

She struggled frantically as she was yanked from the bed
Hauled into the street straight to the temple, no match for her rabble size
With bare foot...

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Categories: angel, character, faith, fate,


This journey has not been a fanciful adventure, 
we're all settlers in  these dynasty of neo-colonialism 
united only by what...

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Categories: political,

Fighting Three Witches
I am facing multiple personalities
‘Beautiful faces are everywhere
But beautiful minds are hard to find’

Three witches fortified with deceit
Equivocation written all on their faces
I see through...

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© Mark Frank  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: corruption, dark, destiny, education,

Premium Member Just A Note Of Encouragement
I hope you remember who you are. Sometimes when time goes by, we forget and I want to encourage you to remember what God called...

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Categories: adventure, america, angel, appreciation,

Military Charity

Babies with empty bellies
go hungry, 
every refugee day
While numerical chambers
of alphabet soup weaponry
are fully stocked
War rations 
on collateral display

50-cal RPG’s
9 millimeter Beretta,
1911-380 Browning
Mac-10 semi-auto magazine


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Categories: horror, pain, sorrow, war,

The Prettiest
She didn’t have the classic big blue eyes.
She had eyes the color of chocolate.
Ones that glowed when she smiled,
Ones that twinkled when she laughed.

She didn’t...

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Categories: beauty, girl, happy, hope,

Premium Member Life in the Fast Lane
I think I know what life's about
   It's ten a.m. when I set out
To eat, and then I snarf my food

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Categories: drink, girl, satire, school,

Premium Member A Forgotten Man
One by one they left the nest
  Daughters and sons
    Their time at home done

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Categories: age, children, death, sad,

Premium Member Hope Atop a Piano
There is a miniature house village,
On a piano top all of the year.
Three figures 'neath a roof grace its center,
A creche to trim for Christmas...

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Categories: analogy, beauty, hope,

Lingering Love, Slipping Sanity
Haunted with hope, 
The love forgotten kisses my brain,
In time passing so causing strain,
Thoughts stalking 
And seeking, 
Injecting its venomous tendrils in my neck through...

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Categories: 11th grade, angst, anxiety,

The Son of Tyrants, Part II
Reporters swarmed, the rabid jackals,
around my house they made a big crowd,
even harassed my poor old mother
to the point she could barely go out.

I growled...

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Categories: america, change, dark, family,

The Son of Tyrants, Part I
I was born in far Morsania,
a small, backwater Eurasian state,
known to most folk in this wide world
for my grandfather’s prodigious hate.

My given name is Jocefeus,

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Categories: america, change, dark, family,

Knox'd Out
It was early, 
The solemn, silent sunrise wrought its
Rays across the untamed land like a
Shorn-clad Delilah.
Dew glistened the foliage
Like undefiled razer blades nestled
Within a mortar's...

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Categories: absence, anger, best friend,

Premium Member A Day In School, Thru Autistic Eyes
alarm goes off*

I sit straight up startled and scared

Just my alarm, I hit the button

Get up and go to the bathroom

I brush my teeth with...

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Categories: child, childhood, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member Ireland - a divided island part two
  chieftains trade their loyalty behind the clouds
  like the high mountain king Carrantouhil commanding his Macgillycuddy Reeks
  men of begotten rank,...

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: community, history, ireland, time,

Why am I Thankful
Everyday is a Gift from God
Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving

He died so I could live
So I could have a better life
I refuse to waste...

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Categories: appreciation, god, how i