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Family List Poems

These Family List poems are examples of List poems about Family. These are the best examples of List Family poems written by international poets.

Seven Precious Possessions
Phew,what a sudden calamity
          I have mere sixteen minutes to save my dearest possessions

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Categories: holocaust, memory, nostalgia,

Premium Member The House Is On Fire
A Fireman tells me I have 16 minutes to grab some things,

I take:

my purse,

my medications,

family photographs,

all my vintage jewelry,

fuzzy, fuzzy pink pajamas,

a complete change of...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fire,

Premium Member Seven Things I'd Save Should My House Catch Fire
Assuming my house is soon to be at the mercy of a catastrophic fire, and the Likelihood of salvaging everything is infinitesimal to nil. Given...

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Categories: fire, house, me, perspective,

Poem 2
I promise to love you
I promise to kiss your knees when you fall
I promise to hang every picture you make 
I promise to come home...

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Categories: absence, betrayal, child, family,

Premium Member Kick the Bucket-List
Hang-gliding over a lava-spewing Hawaiian volcano
   Flying a two-seater through the eye of a raging tornado

Bungee-jumping from the top of a skyscraper in...

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Categories: list, adventure, endurance, family, how

The world
Mothers bear the world,
Infant beings crying for a world
Grown man fighting for the world:
Battles for food, shelter, territory and individuality: 
family life bigger than the...

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Categories: world,

The List

His name is Bob and he is a mechanic 
He suffers from liver disease 
But doesn't panic

He is in need of a transplant
It's very urgent...

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Categories: list, health, life, poems, recovery

Premium Member Things I'll Do Today
Things to do this Sunday...
Create yet another grocery list
Devour the leftover pizza
In my refrigerator
Tidy up my somewhat messy bedroom
Finally watch the movie, "Get Out"
To see...

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Categories: 11th grade, day, me,

Premium Member amazon book list
All Books
By CS Parker
On now

Edge of the undead (novel)
Cosmic (novel)
Cosmic: alpha project (novel)
Green 18 (novel)

Into the unknown (short stories)
Sky Unseen (short stories)
A collection of...

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Categories: list, addiction, adventure, age, allusion,

Premium Member on the endangered list
politics can be 
art can be 
family can be 
life can be

bullshit can be 

sometimes large
and can be
on the endangered list

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Categories: list, art, family, humor, humorous,

At the top of the stairs there's a musty room
Full of curiosities weird and rare:

Hummingbird nest,
A globe of all the world,
A two-headed snake kept in...

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Categories: books, education, family, nature,

twenty-seven truths, part II
14. You live in a laboratory; you can only create what can't survive in this air.

15. If your blood was pixelated and green, you'd probably...

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Categories: introspection, mystery, nonsense, nostalgia,

Two fawns
Innocent and sweet
Headed to dangers unknown to them
A warning from a stranger
Mother arrives
Babies play at her feet
Mother knows best
Toward the danger she leads

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Categories: animal, conflict, deep, emotions,

This Stew Tastes Funny
The prompt was "Write a poem which is really a recipe".

This Stew Tastes Funny

I personally like to use the more established dramatic processes, but feel...

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© Dylan Wong  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humorous,

Premium Member Home a familiar place
The smell of baking bread
A welcome at the door,
That comfortable armchair-
Paintings on the wall,
Gran-kids coming to call,
No ceremony or fuss
Family and us-
Bibles & books abound,

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Categories: home,

Conquest of a heart 
Pouting lips of the one you love
A youthful soul
Memories that skip the ugly bowl

Senses unfold 
Love letters read at a quiet...

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Categories: list, beautiful, celebration, day, family,

Premium Member University Of Life
Life had teached me that the lessons that are not learned in a class room. 

1. Every body that laugh with your is not your...

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Categories: feelings,

Sadness waits
Today is Christmas past 12/26
Depression seems to be ever circling me like a shark in the deep wanting to devour me with one bite. 

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Categories: depression, holiday,

Premium Member Formula For Happiness

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Categories: feelings,

Things I Miss
Nostalgic Nights.
The smell of gas in the vintage moped I drove an hour to buy, 
Driving down that small-town street at night,
Lit by the dim...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, divorce, family,