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Paradise Life Poems

These Paradise Life poems are examples of Life poems about Paradise. These are the best examples of Life Paradise poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Paradise Hope Lost
Piercing through the leafy, bucolic overgrowth
I seek beyond vines 'n streams to find my way.
A mythic path into the tempting foliage
or enlightened trail to nature's...

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, angel, evil, garden, hope,

Ash and Diamond
What worth is the gold
if the glow blinds your eye?

Why dig for the diamond
when I am buried when I find it?

What is the warmth of...

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Categories: confusion, life, political,

Life Plays With Death
I’ve been needing your lies 

I’ve been craving your poison 

I’ve been missing your demons 

I’ve been loving your hater 

While I was playing with...

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Categories: life, anxiety, cry, dark, death,

Beyond the sky
Beyond the sky

The plain ground calls,
Like drop of water falls,
Offering bed of roses,
A real or an imaginary paradise it poses,
Below, I wasn’t ready to break...

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Categories: endurance, life, recovery from,

Premium Member Eternity
Written: by Tom Wright

More abundant than the past will remain,
after the present has come and gone.
Too late from sin then to refrain,
for tree has fallen,...

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Categories: heaven, inspirational, judgement, life,

Life is a Short Journey
Life is a Short Journey 
By: Majed Dodeen
Our destiny rules over us, even when we are not yet aware of it. The future makes...

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Categories: life, appreciation, journey,

Garden* of Eden springing from God’s creative omnipotence
Witness are you of the first man and woman’s miraculous existence
Along their marvelous love’s blossoming subsistence
Bearing fruits of...

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Categories: life, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 2/6/2019

Quiet! - not to scare butterflies, 
let they believe in the existence of paradise
with fleeting experience of the moment

Quiet! - how...

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Categories: imagery, life, nature, silence,

What Flourish Means
Its a Paradise
Looking Inward the present
Blooming together

It's your daring love
Holding my hand till the end
Blooming together

It's your "never let go"
A friendship so attached
Blooming together 


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Categories: friendship, life, together,

Premium Member The Bounty's Fate
Oh how it must have been to watch the ship
as bright flames licked the sky in Pitcairn bay,
before the Bounty's mighty hull would slip
with dear...

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Categories: life,

Tell Me a Story
Tell me a story you have never told
Of the world I someday dream to be
The paradise the Book promised me
To walk on streets of made...

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Categories: heaven, leaving, life, longing,


Life sent us on different paths
Miles and more between us
Different circles different worlds
With time we grew apart
Life experiences incompatible
We simply cannot relate
Less than nothing left...

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Categories: life, adventure, brother, change, freedom,

Premium Member Tor House, Hearst Castle

Back then, I’d never heard of Robinson Jeffers. My friend told us he was a famous poet and Tor House was where he lived with...

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Categories: happiness, home, life, poets,

Premium Member Rise At Dawn's Soft Spoken And Eager Sun's Reprieve
Rise At Dawn's Soft Spoken And Eager Sun's Reprieve

Let forests pure and pristine, live to give great hope
that man can see true Light beyond his...

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Categories: life, appreciation, art, hope, humanity,

Premium Member What Holds More Resplendent Gifts Of The Great And Vast Beyond
What Holds More Resplendent Gifts Of The Great And Vast Beyond

Seas of poetry orations, I once took my swims
being strong in spirit, stouter in heart...

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Categories: life, art, creation, dedication, inspiration,

We Survive
I feel your heart
it hurts like mine
Led astray by fear
Driven to commit crime
Locked in time, in pain we cry
Sickness of minds, in that we die


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© Era Wegad  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fear, forgiveness, life, lost,

Premium Member Raising Hades in the 80's

Oh, how much life can one decade contain?
To hold my first girl, trembling in my arms,
And after one more child, a handsome boy,
Returned to college...

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Categories: life, memory, nostalgia,

Forgive and Forget
I don’t believe in Heaven
I aim to have my fun here on Earth
Since the age of ten or eleven,
I’ve been questioning everything’s worth

How can you...

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Categories: future, life, memory, paradise,

Reach The Life Eternal
P-lease the Lord God above, 
R-emain obedient and faithful; 
E-ndless life is in paradise, 
C-omfort will soothe your soul.
I-t's time to reach the crown, 

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Categories: life, birthday,

Premium Member Where My Heart Decided To Rest
Where My Heart Decided To Rest

Where my heart, decided to rest
such was happiness, not a test
paradise, not a lonely place
exquisite beauty of your face.

Where this...

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Categories: life, appreciation, art, beautiful, encouraging,