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Depression Life Poems

These Depression Life poems are examples of Life poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Life Depression poems written by international poets.

No Sleep
Blue light seeps from the corners.
Its fluorescent under your lids,
A cool gap between the blanket,
And it lingers, always.

A reminder that you will never sleep.
The tv...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, life, mental

Voice of Choice

     Middle of the crossroads, I’ve found myself in 
     To my left stand the poets, holding...

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Categories: life, allegory, allusion, confusion, creation,

I sit, as I am embraced by madness,
waiting, as the waves cascade like sadness,
spilling over me, drowning the darkness,
I have found the light, though it’s...

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Categories: deep, depression, life, meaningful,

Premium Member The Unlikable Social Life
Could the air we breathe be seeds of anxiety?
Winter flowers bloom in diamond breeze. 
Watery eyes searching for handout charity.
To form a habit with the...

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Categories: life, anxiety, depression, hurt, irony,

Premium Member There For Me
Looking back, one thing comes clean-glass clear
you were always there for me subduing every fear.

I tried to do my duty, be a husband strong and...

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Categories: life, 12th grade, character, hope,

Starving Artist
Down on luck
Or luck lost,
You're stuck
In the muck
You've made.

Starving artist
Wearing twigs
And berries,
Your hair mussed
Locks tangled up

Like your life,
In dark pieces,
No chocolate shakes
For your disgrace,
A life...

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Categories: life, art, class, depression, fear,

The Monsters Know
Those disturbing thoughts no one will ever hear,
And all those mixed emotions cascading into one single fear,
They're monsters that are so atrocious,
Yet so fierce and...

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Categories: life, anxiety, death, depression, emotions,

     On intrinsic introspection,

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Categories: confusion, life,

we are infinite
Have you ever seen yourself up close? 
Not in a mirror, but in the sky
As the moon drifts over these canyon waters
Something cosmic broke the...

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Categories: life, anxiety, art, beautiful, depression,

Sometimes things are meant to fall apart
Mending isn’t the fate of some broken hearts
I wish I could tell you a sad ending went with a...

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Categories: life, anxiety, depression, endurance, evil,

There Will Be Peace: preview
Growing increasingly exhausted with repackaging the same message 
Growing increasingly exhausted with never seeming to come down from the ledge
There’s no formal way to express...

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Categories: life, anxiety, child, childhood, deep,

The visionary
I’m not afraid of peace;
I’m afraid of change
But peace and change, you see,
Live adjoined in my world of division,
Twin moons in this sky of day,

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Categories: life, anxiety, death, depression, perspective,

Sister Feline
He found himself straying from his morals
And he spent his nights drinking candles
Her touch was so gentle
But her claws were not
Sister feline shone blue in...

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Categories: life, anxiety, cat, children, courage,

sad, healed
Running on an empty gas tank
My mind’s a blank void
This heart is getting heavy
Feel like an android 
I have come here to conquer 
All that...

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Categories: life, anxiety, art, depression, growth,

Sad boy
Strung out in the back of a black car,
Frequent haze dawns on me from afar
And I know I've been here before

Blare loud an atom bomb...

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Categories: life, anxiety, beautiful, boy, death