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Depression Life Poems

These Depression Life poems are examples of Life poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Life Depression poems written by international poets.

Fading life
Her skin had become the canvas for the unmarked pain 
The color of red dripping across her wrists covering that of a tears stain 


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Categories: life, anger, anxiety, conflict, dark,

She fades,
fades into oblivion.
Even in dayspring,
becomes a void.
She gets rid of her shades,
and gets dyed in black.

her eyes are tedious,
her physiognomy stark.
She no longer dreams,

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Categories: life, birth, body, child, depression,

Drained Energy
Dark insomnia nights
Lonely longing for Catharsis 


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Categories: depression, life, me, recovery

In fear of not hurting anyone,
I suffer the most in my life.
All those who have come, have gone on their time;
and here I'm and my...

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Categories: life, anxiety, depression, destiny, fate,

Life and lost savor

To whom life has lost its savor
The irrational does favor:
To whom existence is a bore
Breaker of Untouchable Law...

Exactly so with Bored Rhonda,
Ready to hug Anaconda,

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Categories: life, depression, earth, fate, perspective,

Lost world in a dying soul
Written on July 26, 2017

There was once a girl
Who's underneath the books
Her word's like a blue ribbon
with a pumping arteries 

The blue sky above her

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Categories: depression, fear, grief, life,

Cold nights, bright stars, trying to figure out what we are. Days like this, nights like these, trying to keep my mind at ease. At...

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Categories: life, anxiety, change, conflict, depression,

Trading pain for a life of dullness
Is an apology always too late?
Did I trade my pain for a life of dullness?
All the colours of the rainbow begin with the blood red,...

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Categories: life, depression, wisdom,

Letter to My Bitter Tears
A gorgeously dressed “tears” in unknown fears.
How dare you abseil my cheek-beards
in horror of cheers my rictus is smothered to share?
It is clear to glare...

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Categories: life, 12th grade, america, anxiety,

From the era of troglodyte
to the evolved world of civilization.
The closer the life void of neophyte,
the farther apart should we be to condemnation.

Why is it...

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Categories: life, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Renascence

When above the high sea in tempest 
Surging thunderous cloud swells 
The pole star disappears from the sky 
The ancient mariner in me loses the...

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Categories: depression, hope, inspirational, life,

The Nameless Things in Life
The feeling of being empty
Like a car with no gas
Life without purpose
Life with no meaning
The Nameless things in life

What is love?
I never heard of such...

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Categories: life, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Depression and your Progression
Dissatisfaction is the key to progress
You will experience stress in many situations
Life can be a mess but the best of you is yet to come!


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Categories: depression, life,

Premium Member Hanging onto paradigms

Inside grows dour 
each passing hour, 
another second hand 
mouthful of sand 

Falling into guillotined arms 
fully embraced,
Take me wherever 
inevitability goes,
Nah, been down that...

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Categories: allusion, dark, depression, life,

Mt Everest

Too much crap coming with a high tax
Intentional not by chance
It's always been like that
Others talking behind backs
Especially after sipping out bottles from wine racks

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Categories: dark, deep, life, rap,