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Depression Life Poems

These Depression Life poems are examples of Life poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Life Depression poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Refugee
Running from an economy full of hate
hunger will place him behind bars unless he relocates
war and crisis lingering with the hope to end soon
have pocketed...

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Categories: life, adventure, africa, death, depression,

Premium Member LUDix-Rym
Each day we should adore
living more and more
not being at death’s door
with more of life in store
and happiness to the core
the negative to ignore
the positive...

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Categories: life,

The Life Of Why-me
They tell me I’m living the life of Riley 
a float flowing freely with the tide and breeze
They envy my empty whilst I think why...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, anger, angst, anxiety, depression,

I Believe In You
I search for quotes and author's
Who inspire me in life,
I pick up pens and pencils
As I pull out chairs too write,

I looked for hidden meaning's

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© Ben Potts  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, beautiful, deep, depression, desire,

The joke, I am
Can be a comedy
Or a tragedy
Whatever way you see it
Feeling sick
Is it gonna be an annual event
Every autumn?
Seems like everything has been
Only tricks
And no treats

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Categories: life, conflict, goodbye, lonely, mental

© Dave Timperley 24/10/2019...

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Categories: life, confusion, depression,

Reckon To You

Living I'm blessed to do
I reckon to you
There's more than a dimension or two
Life continues to beckon through
In any direction it's true

Worse and better selections

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Categories: dark, fun, life, poetry,

dojo in the hotel
Whack! For the 4 o’clock Mondays that leave circles under everyone’s eyes
Along with dry souls sucked clean of kaleidoscope and chaotic color 
Whack! For the...

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Categories: life, age, analogy, depression, freedom,

Life Is Johnny Short
Life is too short
Life is too short, not to say love you
I’ve lived life beside you everyday
But I could never get enough of you
Life is...

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Categories: life, caregiving, cool, depression, giving,

Deep Hurt
Smiles and a happy heart smothered in joy..
A child lives in the moment..
The age of innocence..
Life untouched ..
Simply magical..
Where dreams come true..

A child grows..
Life no...

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Categories: dark, depression, hurt, life,

The Single Rose
Is she my rose? I'l never know..
From sunup to sundown
Leaves whistle, sway and blow
Falling like my doubts,
Fading out of summers hold

Does she even really care?

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Categories: art, depression, leaving, life,

What Is My Truth
Born into light and innocence, possessing a heart with an endless capacity to love, my appetite for life was abundant.  

Anchored in purity and...

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© Amy Parady  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, change, dark, depression, hate,

Life as a Ghost
I thought maybe I can get through this
by putting my thoughts to rhyme
maybe doing so will bring me some clarity 
a method to ease and...

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Categories: life, anxiety, depression, emotions, fear,

Broken Angels
                   Sometimes, a broken angel still has...

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Categories: angel, anxiety, depression, life,

No Escape
Your home is the prison your mind the screw
the sentence a lifetime spent with just you.
Trapped with yourself, with nowhere to hide 
your woes in...

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Categories: angst, depression, emotions, life,

Premium Member Last Train
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Four lusty seasons in Sodom
Smoke ’em if you got ‘em
Next stop Rock Bottom

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Categories: crazy, dark, depression, life,

Poet Lost
The flame of the poet...
Has burned out...

I have nothing to say...
I have been silenced...

Until the future......

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Categories: 12th grade, depression, life,

I sometimes wonder, am
I the only one to see
That there's a monster who lives
on the inside of me?
One who tends to only grow
stronger with the...

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Categories: life, depression, forgiveness, growth, inspirational,

My Aunt's Regret, Part II
...Not seeing the pain it will bring,
more misery, that’s a safe bet.
She felt beyond the traditions,
and now frantically hides from regret....

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Categories: life, abortion, children, depression, introspection,

My Aunt's Regret, Part I
I have an aunt out in Cali,
we used to visit every year,
she had a yoga studio,
and my grandmother used to cheer

how she was a ‘modern...

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Categories: life, abortion, children, depression, introspection,