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April Kimo Poems

These April Kimo poems are examples of Kimo poems about April. These are the best examples of Kimo April poems written by international poets.

Seeking and saving the lost* was Christ’s goal
Leaving heaven, He reached me…
…Granting eternal life.

Owning Saviour’s gift, I’m now commissioned
To win souls, disciple them…
…For His kingdom’s...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Genuine access to free education...

...avenue to great learning...

...for service-fruits' success!

April 11, 2019...

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Categories: education, perspective, truth, wisdom,

Lambs are born to enjoy life in the spring
Gambolling in meadows green
Joyous freedom sweet lambs

Written 21st March 2019

Contest: Writing Challenge 4, March 2019
Sponsor: Dear Heart

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Categories: freedom, innocence, joy, spring,

A Poet, a Hero
A time when only a few dared to fight
against a foreign tyrant,
A Poet rose to speak

Oppressions suffered by Filipinos
in his writings, he revealed
A Poet with...

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Categories: hero, history, poets, tribute,

Premium Member DARK AND SWEET

the mood is somber and voluptuous
violin notes fill the air
it’s raining love sprinkles

Submitted on April 13, 2018, for MID APRIL 2018 STANDARD CONTEST sponsored by...

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Categories: beautiful, dark, music, rain,


when you meet people radiant with bliss
who leave you simply breathless
god's sake get their secret

Posted in April, 2018...

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Categories: happiness, inspirational, joy, mystery,

Premium Member NO WIND IN MY SAIL

in my youth few things offered most appeal
but regrettably i knew
i would settle for less

Posted in April, 2018...

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Categories: confidence, fear, future, introspection,

Premium Member ENAMORED

enamored with the sounds of your own voice
why have pesky tiresome friends
when a mirror would do

Posted in April, 2018...

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Categories: character, friend, mirror, vanity,


joyful radiant life of the party
snatched from our lives in a flash
criminal drunk driving

Posted in April, 2018
MADD= Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization founded in 1980

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Categories: abuse, anger, death of

Election Misdirection
a purveyor of pretend promises
duplicitous diatribe
fountains of false forecasts


April 22nd 2017...

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Categories: corruption, leadership, nonsense, philosophy,

Amber - B
her precious pendant harbours a secret
biological blueprint
pregnant with potential


(C) John C Michaels, April 2017...

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Categories: girl, insect, nature,

Amber - A
inexorable whispering river
oblivious victim stalked
glistening golden goo


April 2017...

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Categories: butterfly, insect, nature, tree,

Premium Member WHEN HUMANITY

When Your love humanity shares my Lord

And peace reigns among people

Your Passion's light will shine!

© Demetrios Trifiatis

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Categories: god, humanity, love,

Premium Member SURVIVAL

Thoughtlessly humans harmony disturb

Nature's reaction ignore

At risk their survival!

© Demetrios  Trifiatis
     07 April 2017...

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Categories: humanity, life, nature,

Premium Member Keepsake - paper money

grandma gave paper money, I didn't spend
        fragrance of her touch I saved

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Categories: emotions, grandmother, missing,

An old friend
Wiping dust laden guitar  bare fingers
 freeze over its taut strings as
Warm tears spill silently

ContestForm K-Kimo
Syllables 10, 7, 6 as in how many

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Categories: best friend, feelings,

Premium Member Put the Kibosh
Poor getting poorer; rich man getting fat.

Wake up, America, and

Put the kibosh on THAT!

April 4, 2017 for the Form K - Kimo Contest of Broken...

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Categories: political,

Premium Member Her Sad Keepsake
tenderly fingers trace the memory

of a flower plucked too soon...

a pink tooth fairy box  	

- - - - - - - - - -...

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Categories: sad,

Premium Member His Kitschy Ways
The lover he lures with his kitschy ways

Tawdry, vulgar, unfaithful…

     Reflection of himself

*April 4, 2017,  Broken Wings’ Kimo Contest entry.

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Categories: dark, irony,

Kibosh'd on Kir
Kid sister ( the bride)  kibosh’d wedding when
knowingly got drunk drinking
Kir, groom looked, said NO

penned April 3 2017


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Categories: drink,