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Funny Haiku Poems

These Funny Haiku poems are examples of Haiku poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Haiku Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member when I use dirty language and curse at Alexa
when I use dirty language and curse at Alexa 
she reciprocates 
by playing the darkest  News

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Categories: corruption, depression, emotions, funny,

Premium Member a good Haiku
this is a poem
and it is a good Haiku
I like turtle soup...

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Categories: funny,

Flower power
Whites seas of clover
seduce armies of honeys
sweet summer of love...

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Categories: dance, flower, funny love,

From the top

Viewed from high above
humans wander the planet
lost ants with big shoes...

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Categories: confusion, funny, lost, people,

a squirrel climbs the tree
squeaks,squeals, chee chee squawks at me
has a nut in mouth

apparent he's not sharing
he's just chirping chattering 
giving me the eye

chee chee...

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Categories: adventure, animal, funny,

Premium Member Buzzing Little Bees
buzzing little bees

make some sweet honey for me

buzz from rose to rose


Date Written: 8/17/2020

6 Place   Haiku - Nature Themed 2 Contest Judged:...

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Categories: beautiful, flower, flying, garden,

Premium Member haiku--butterflies
I chose butterflies because I love their many colors and their delicate wings. 

pretty butterflies
wings painted many colors
fly to each flower 


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Categories: beautiful, butterfly, color, flower,

Premium Member Summertime
waves loving the shore
summer on the sandy beach
seashells galore

throw the bread up high
seagulls flying overhead
catch one if you can

Date Written: 6/23/2020...

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Categories: beach, bird, flying, happy,

Premium Member Cigarette Smoking Camels-
sand dunes sunshiny
 as young fierce camels smoking
 unlit cigarettes
dried out and thirsty 
while storing water in their 
humps, inhales puff-puff

Written words by James Edward...

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Categories: analogy, animal, character, funny,

Marley Muringakumwe
Given board and room.
 A face, teeth, soccer ball feet and an almost perfect face. Funny when he shaves, He craves, begs, checks and says.......

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Categories: africa, age, america, art,

Premium Member Me Too
horny men 
looking for love
in all the wrong places...

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Categories: funny, funny love, inspirational

Premium Member Water Droplets
Ten water droplets

all forming a waterfall

water mist the air


Date Written: 4/29/2020...

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Categories: beauty, water,

Premium Member Rooster Sounding Off
rooster sounding off                      ...

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Categories: animal, farm, morning, sun,

Childhood Memories
Atari, Sega
Nintendo, Playstation One
Just reminiscing...

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Categories: adventure, childhood, funny, games,

First Kiss
i clench both eye lids
awaiting for my first kiss
it was terrible...

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Categories: funny, funny love, kiss,