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Funny Haiku Poems

These Funny Haiku poems are examples of Haiku poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Haiku Funny poems written by international poets.

17 syllable slave
Five, not more or less
seven syllables in two
five again, rules are rules...

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Categories: funny, poems,

Premium Member Chickens on Rollerblades
Chickens are skating
while a churro plays music
dancing in a bus...

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Categories: funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member Blue Car Shopping Cart
The blue car right there
looks just like a shopping cart
I love plastic pies...

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Categories: car, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member Chimpanzees and French Toast Sticks
The screams of a chimp
reminds me of French toast sticks
it's mysterious...

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Categories: funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member The AROMA SEEKING FLY- -
when the fly lights on
the flower he smells something
an aroma fair

smells like bananas
peaches and watermelons
butterfly says "hi"

as it flutters by
sweet the smells of the blossoms

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, funny,

jojo siwa trees
trees become siwa
with their receding hairlines
lol bald trees...

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Categories: funny, giggle, happy, silly,

ma fraynd megha - silly poem
megha amin is
a silly derp and quite a
wacko lol...

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Categories: crazy, friend, friendship, fun,

Kayleighs Haiku

Crazy, wild, and free.

Runs around with a big smile.

Eyes gleaming brightly.


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Categories: beauty, crazy, cute, funny,

Premium Member Alexa
I ask Alexa for things 
She is responsive and pleasant
I think she loves me 

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Categories: devotion, fantasy, funny, funny

Economic Haiku
Why do bubbles pop
As raindrops fall on my head?
An econo-mist...

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Categories: education, funny, humorous, money,

Premium Member It's Wine and Brie When You're 53
It's Wine & Brie, When You're 53
Fifty-three's All Jive,
When Mom of the Cosby Five,
Squattin' on Dunellen Drive.

Fifty-three's Germ Free,
Periodic Number in Chemistry,
Of Tincture O'Iodine.

Firstborn at...

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Categories: birthday, funny, happy birthday,

this haiku made me LOL
The following haiku cracked me up! (Don't read it till the end! Or if you do read the poem first, then come back to the...

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Categories: haiku, cat, celebration, christian, funny,

  to know if parrots
speak badly or very well
 depends on the house ...

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Categories: bird, education, funny, poetry,

        stars are up above
      but there...

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Categories: funny, humorous, poetry,

Premium Member Haiku 13
a dribbled number
triskaidekaphobic art ~
yellow snow...

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Categories: funny,

evening waterfall
a fresh, lemonade wallows
betrayed by the doves

evening waterfall
a made, lemonade wallows
because of the doves

gaping ducks drink up
spitting out cause...

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Categories: adventure, animal, beauty, bird,

That 'Moonlight' Moment
I sent a Haiku
to a Rondeau contest. I
won it! Or Did I?...

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Categories: film, funny, satire, silly,

Premium Member haiku i love u 2
  haiku form easy
 five seven five syllables....
love u, too~~haiku 

Written: February 26, 2019...

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Categories: funny,

Driving drunk
Driving drunk
Blue lights flashing

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Categories: drink, funny, hilarious,

Sudden stop at light
Coke spilled...

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Categories: funny, life,