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Grow Poems

Grow Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of grow poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for grow.

New Poems

The Irony Is
you say you are 
just one of many -
but you help 
my flowers grow
and you always
sweeten my day

you say your song 
is just ordinary -
but your melody
makes my heart sing
while the sky
is still dark

you say you
are nobody special -
but the...Read More
Categories: grow, bird, friend,
Form: Free verse

You Never Come
You never come when I need you
You never come when I am thinking about you
Your never come when the sun is hot
You never come when I am gallivanting in my pretty frock.

I saw someone today wearing a hard white hat
And...Read More
Categories: grow, absence, anxiety, city, confusion, cry, encouraging, gender,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member In search of love's end
Did you ever love someone madly, though never fully understanding why?
Untrained for such distress, when they touched your hand.
You shared a few days in the morning Sun, and loved on warm nights.

I would bring you the moon and stars if...Read More
Categories: grow, hurt, longing, lost love, teen love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reminiscing On A Childhood

I have never once considered myself, unlucky, in anyway
I’m still very grateful for what I have had back in the day

All those childhood memories; of feeling safe and secure
Within the folds of my parents, I could grow...Read More
Categories: grow, appreciation, childhood, family, grandfather, grandmother, meaningful, tribute,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Woodwards
In the black forests of my mind,
Where the seeds of experience 
Have become the trees of memory,
Searching those dark woods I find

Too many trees have aged in shame,
Standing grey and gaunt before me,
Muttering from leaf to leaf
Their morbid curses on...Read More
Categories: grow, allusion, america, confusion, dark, sorrow, tree,
Form: Rhyme

My Plight

Fair enough,
Step out in the sun if you must;
Keep your head covered with a wet cloth.
The heat of the Indian Summer
Can be extreme, very exhausting,
Worse than the desert heat, you can say,
A person often loses his wits and brain.
For many...Read More
Categories: grow, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Shantelle
They were stoned out of their bodies and mind at Stonehenge

Climbed over the fence and enjoyed the Cromlech’s shadows

Razor wire would not prevent their midsummer night dream

Of being one with the moon which spilled light into their souls

Eclipsed by ultimate...Read More
Categories: grow, love, magic,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Freja - The Farmer's Wife

Days knife is in night’s sheath
The moon's eye is covered.
She sits over their scattered bones
Feeling only the cold dirt
And the swirling fog.
Her hand grips for the hilt
And she hears the singing blade.
The flails are only for threshing now,
Passions are muted.
Those...Read More
Categories: grow, war, woman,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Of times of her
The old man sat on a bench. He watched the fountain water flow.
The pigeons gathered at his feet, he couldn’t feed them so off they would go. 

He listened as the water sang it’s song, as he closed his eyes...Read More
Categories: grow, for her, friendship, husband, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
Sins of a Father
Sins of a father

While younger we were running, to what we did not know.
Quick to love, fast at play, a canvas white as snow.
But as we grew in knowledge and taller by the day
cracks they began showing, a chasm in...Read More
Categories: grow, family,
Form: Narrative

Thank you my brother, for spending time with me.
A greeting with a hug, your scars laid bare to see
Reminiscing of times, that felt like long ago.
We’ve earned each fleck of silver that both our beards now grow
I’m broken for you...Read More
Categories: grow, feelings, hope,
Form: Narrative
King of Lies
King of Lies

I've seen many evil things, so that you didn't have to.
I've fought my share of evil, occasionally I bled for you.
Should that day come for me, where I cannot make it through.
that evil never took me, it was...Read More
Categories: grow, anger,
Form: Ode

We scream up at the heavens, lecturing God on what is fair
When our lives took us one way, when we wanted to be there.
We often look to our surroundings, comparing what we have
When most of those just out of sight,...Read More
Categories: grow, christian,
Form: Narrative
Simply Beautiful
If I were a rose and had to compose
A verse on how you make me feel,
I’d have to say in such a way
With an analogy of something real.
This is how it would go;

Said the blooming rose to the
Sunlight of spring,
“You...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade, blessing, growth, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
Dear Suicide
Dear Suicide

If you were standing with me,
as in a person or a thing.
I’d beat you, 
and I don’t just mean to win.
I’d beat you till you begged me, 
and then I’d beat you more.
Until your bones broke through your skin,...Read More
Categories: grow, anger, evil, heartbroken, hurt, sad,
Form: Narrative
Heaven's Light: A Loving Memory of my Uncle, Paul Murray
Heaven’s light shines brighter today
And its gates are opened extra wide
They’re preparing for another angel
To be seated by God’s side.
The trumpets blow louder
And the angel’s voices ring higher
Our hearts grow ever heavier as
Your final day with us grows nigher. 
Over...Read More
Categories: grow, angel, farewell, funeral, god, goodbye, loss,
Form: Free verse

Tallest of trees stand, sentinels, as if touching the sky
Reaching out, each branch, every limb, oh so very high
Species of every kind, vying for what nature will provide
Sunlight, rain, seasons changing, renderings glorified 

Growing from a seedling, nature takes her...Read More
Categories: grow, beautiful, earth, nature, tree,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
What Does Matter Brain Will Scatter
What Does Matter Brain Will Scatter

We always wondered what would matter;
Should set standard and records shatter;
Have no fear;
Love my dear;
Never grow fatter  and be a great batter.

Jim Horn...Read More
Categories: grow, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Golden Tongues and Silver Bullets
Freedom of speech
is less about freedom from suppression
when more about freedom toward mutual dialogue,
cooperatively held impression
to co-invest in active democratic hope.

Perhaps this is why
First Amendment non-violent communication values
grow in heart-felt significance
as Second Amendment rights to bear violent arms
recede in multicultural...Read More
Categories: grow, freedom, health, integrity, political, power, usa, violence,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member After the Rain - Waterfall
After the rain

After a rainy night, the sun rose shining bright.
Trees glistened and lush grass so full of dew
Oh, how beautiful the vale now seen in a glorious sight.
A small rill tumbled down the hill and no wind blew.
Mossy growths...Read More
Categories: grow, rain,
Form: Quintain (English)
A Ghostly Mystic Hand
While looking out my window
One glorious fall day
I see the changing of the leaves
As I kneel down to pray

I thank the Lord for all the hues
He put upon the trees
A kaleidoscope of color
For all the world to see

The autumn colors...Read More
Categories: grow, dream, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Emerging Storm

The Emerging Storm

We danced out before the storm
my pups eager and worried
we walked in the rustling grasses
tree leaves whispering to the early winds 
then the rushing air and the sky drumming 
the crows watched cawing from the pines
the birds chirped and swore...Read More
Categories: grow, sound, storm,
Form: Free verse
lady Di the princess we loved
Lady Di 
The princess we loved

At 5ft 10 tall with stunning beauty
This angel stunned the world
With her duty.
A young Diana did marry a Prince Charles 
From other Royals she got snarls 
An independent woman, we watched grow
With 2 sons William...Read More
Categories: grow, celebrity,
Form: Prose Poetry
Preposterous Bobblebobleautopus
family friend of the platypus 
with mini feet tiny petite 
his costume’s fit for trick-or-treat

one foot tall fat overall 
taking all day crawling to haul
seemingly strange 
he roams his range estranged 

brown round with bill profound 
elliptical eyes see around
envelop...Read More
Categories: grow, animal, hilarious,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Natures Caretakers
 Tiny faeries in snapdragon beds,
crying, wailing to be fed,
on the nectar brought by bees,
from the nearby hills of green.

Tiny newborns with great hair,
will learn to walk, with great care.
They’ll flit and fly to worlds unseen,
by human eyes, when they...Read More
Categories: grow, appreciation, beauty, flower, insect, nature, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme