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Physical Education Poems

These Physical Education poems are examples of Education poems about Physical. These are the best examples of Education Physical poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Compassionate Education
Back in the day
of exclusively straight white male
****-retentive missionaries,
the Church

Whether monoculturally Catholic
(which may become an oxymoron
one enlightened day)
or Protestant,

But certainly not polytheistically ecstatic,
like a perfect...

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Categories: christian, culture, education, health,

Premium Member Therapeutic Climate
EarthMother grows impatient,
despite her curiosity driven
cooperative inviting polyculture
reconnection with SunFather's Great White
monotheistic climate
of Patriarchal-Capitalist classroom activity
RightHand saluting
salutary competitions.

Your historic move,
S/He dissonantly
defiantly intones,
from sacred polytheistic peak...

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Categories: culture, earth, education, health,

Bogu Qaghan's Conversion to Manichaeism
The Uyghur Empire’s ruler where the sun rarely blessed

Travelled to the Northern bank of the Luo in contemplation

And stayed in a tomb for three days...

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Categories: deep, education, history, religion,

Premium Member Healthy Voices
I grow increasingly concerned
about living in an unhealthy monoculture
of educational
legislative hubris

Rhetorically LeftBrain dominant
verbally debating
which empowered opinion leader
will improve my personal consumer powers
and ego-incorporated 
greed productive...

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Categories: addiction, education, health, integrity,

Strong exercise of your brain take,
The stronger money you can make,
Weak exercise cause money to shake.

Proper physical exercise increase your health,
Proper mental exercise increqse your...

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Categories: education, 2nd grade, business, creation,

Premium Member Truth Sings Toward Power
Singing LeftBrain EnLightenment
speaking MuseLyrical RightBrain

Grows LeftBrain deductively radiant
professional corporate knowledge
of resonant RightBrain inductive
flowing BiCameral CoPassion


Grown and woke green co-invested
cooperatively panentheistic
holy indigenous Nature/Spirited Wisdom
polyculturally resonant

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Categories: culture, education, health, integrity,

Premium Member UnWeaponed School Tools
Sacred health
is also secular green wealth 
is a Taoist
non-zeroist yang/yintegral 
inclusive tool for progressive social ecology

Collaboratively informed with co-arising
multiculturing  processes
of cooperative interreligious
intersectionally recommunicating...

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Categories: education, health, integrity, relationship,

Premium Member Watering Gaian Grace
One of the least talked about,
yet most problematic issues
for regenerating  

mental and physical
health and public safety

Well fed and watered
to empower and enlighten interfaith
action and...

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Categories: education, caregiving, community, earth day,

Due to community quarantine enforcement
along social distancing detachment
our faculty meeting of task-assignment
went virtual via technology’s involvement
midst great excitement, anticipating joyous fulfillment.

Since such was first-time engagement

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Categories: blessing, christian, computer, education,

Your Professors Are Lying To You - II
Then there are all the attitudes
you see taken up against men,
how the professors always seem
to do nothing but demonize them,
that we’ve done nothing for centuries

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Categories: art, corruption, education, how

Premium Member Degree Of Maturity
Have you ever wondered? 
Being in an adult blunder 
A reason for going to class 
Besides the well-known intellectual pass 
Is it to learn the...

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Categories: education, 12th grade, america, class,

DEATH - not DEAD aphorisms

Death, which may be a door to another dimension, or vibrational level in the universe ... is impossible to accept or explore, when your ONLY...

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Categories: bible, body, desire, education,

Renaissance Retirement
Retirement where you think of the many blessings,
Days with relatives and friends, enhanced and precious.

Dinning and walking with relatives,
Good to know they are well-cared for...

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Categories: education, appreciation, blessing, celebration, devotion,

Premium Member Interconnected
802.11 I got it from,
the electro magnetic spectrum.

We can hash it all out and add speed & security,
AES, 3G, 4G, LTE.

Whatever smartphone is modular and...

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Categories: education, poetry, technology,

Premium Member Communion Reformations
Defining Terms:

Ego--not Eco

Left--not Right

If Ego = not Eco,
as Left = not Right,

Then not(Left) = not(not Right)

If Left hemisphere is Either/Or dominant
as Right hemisphere is Both/And...

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Categories: education, humor, integrity, math,