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Metaphor Depression Poems

These Metaphor Depression poems are examples of Depression poems about Metaphor. These are the best examples of Depression Metaphor poems written by international poets.

Put Me to Sleep
It's midnight,
I see the Blue-Black sky,
Like my bruised soul,
And shattered life,
Hold me in your arms,
Put me to sleep,
Endless nights,
Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Creeps,
Maybe I wake up...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, dark, depression,

The Inner Psychopath
Through the set screen of a cower cover
A tyrant terror of the self resides; 
Forming a merged mind with opposing sides. 
Persuasion being his asset...

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Categories: conflict, dark, deep, depression,

Premium Member STORMING MIND-
Sometimes it rains;
Inside your mind;
Uncertain realms entwined;
When's moving blind;
Opened  visions;
Lost provisions gained;
As it yet stills rains in my mind

Written words by James Edward...

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Categories: analogy, depression, environment, metaphor,

Storms Inside
Storms Inside

It's not easy to cry, to shead a single tear
To allow such vulnerability to appear 
But once you start you cant seem to stop

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© Sarah Cope  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry, depression, imagination, metaphor,

Forsaken Love
Repentance I gain;
Defective heart within.
Opium to suppress the pain;
Palsy sets within.

Strangle my soul;
Timorous soul.
Imminent death, tomorrow,
Volatile soul.

Forsaken love,
Hell, up above
Gloomily, I generate.

Ripe soul, anew,
Obey the...

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Categories: depression, anxiety, conflict, dark, death,


         My nostalgia 
         not allowed

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Categories: allusion, analogy, depression, grief,

The Magic of Spring
A tree after the fall or in winter,
Is not what it was, but a mere splinter. 
Glory stripped naked of it’s cov’ring leaves. 
Looks like...

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Categories: cancer, death, depression, metaphor,

standing mango india floored
everyday life,a tightrope walk
within country.a tug of war
civil unrest floors standing mango india

unconstitutional legislations
unconstitutional judgements
civil unrest floors standing mango india

power shifts to war era
third world...

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Categories: conflict, depression, future, hindi,

pearls on blue waves

blue waves break… silver crests cascade on shore of mind…
pearls of joy sparkle

December 23, 2019
Syllable count : Total 17
Checked on
Contest : One Liner
Sponsor :...

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Categories: depression, hope, metaphor, uplifting,

Mr Barber
Hello Mr. Barber, I’m here for my bloodletting
I’ve been long overdue for this appointment, I know
Yes, bring out your set, I am ready for the...

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Categories: angst, death, depression, extended

Premium Member versions
why is it that i am
            left  f o r s a k...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, metaphor,

Fallen From
I tell you I've no use
mind removed
ideas confuse
compare to
a sports team seen
consecutive relegations 
the changing scenes
cause debts and frustration 
a one way street
in season repetition...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, depression, metaphor, psychological,

Leaves let go gracefully 
When the season comes to an end 
Papering the ground, a carpet of colours
crisp at first and then subdued and soggy...

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Categories: courage, depression, emotions, encouraging,

Premium Member Chasing Ghosts
I’m chasing ghosts.  You probably think I’m crazy, but you don’t know me.   I know me.  Like the inside of a...

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Categories: depression, metaphor, suicide,

Born without a Phallus

the first and last child of his parents
named after the famous Arigbe leaf
a wild magical spice
only used by women who need to...

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Categories: angst, depression, love hurts,

Premium Member Frigid

The keening myst'ry in my breath

          Is brought thru auspices of death


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Categories: death, depression, emotions, introspection,

My anguish is metal heavy and tense
Rusting my heart as I lead by mistake.

Somethings awry in the cogs of my mind
Spinning off-centre they've broke more...

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© Ben Potts  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, anxiety, child abuse, dark,

Premium Member Lost, Yet
Once ...
Yes, once, but not now ...
I am not IN the world anymore -
so far gone, is that state of quixotic and callow carelessness ...

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Categories: analogy, confusion, depression, hope,

Dramatic Irony
He’s gained an audience over the past few years. 
Colluding with his missteps and his demons. 
Shining a bright light, center mass.
Waiting for applause.
So proud...

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Categories: deep, depression, horror, imagery,

Into The Deep Blue
I made a lake filled with hate
And kept it clogging up,
It was bulking, bulking, till it broke
Thro' emptying its animosity.

And when it could no longer...

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Categories: depression, dark, metaphor,