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Deep Depression Poems

These Deep Depression poems are examples of Depression poems about Deep. These are the best examples of Depression Deep poems written by international poets.

He told her
She was a gift,
A timely offering
From the universe,
A universe 
Ruled by a sadistic god
Holding a compass 
In his cruel hand

The god pierced the...

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Categories: addiction, depression, destiny, lost

Things ain't that good
 mankind tells me just 
where is the Brotherhood
 I know that your policies your politics are not anything like the...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, confusion, depression,

I held a wilting flower in my hand
as it told me how I inspired it to die;
how my words resonated with its symphony of pain

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Categories: anxiety, death, depression, desire,


Closed doors
Empty shores,
Doesn’t numb me
Not anymore.

Closed doors
Silence roars,
Hasn’t changed
Since I was four.

Closed doors
More and more,
I don’t want it
Not anymore.

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Categories: depression, 12th grade, blue, deep,

Ghost towns criss cross wide world
Information superhighway bumper to binary bumper. 
Stark contrast versus deserted macadam thoroughfares.
Magnification rendered visualization coronavirus
alias covid 19 courtesy electron microscopy plus

sundry computer technology yours truly...

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Categories: depression, 10th grade, 11th grade,

A Mother Always
My heart aches everyday,
The memories n my head are on replay, 
I go through pictures of all of you,
It has been a rough year we...

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© Mari Deem  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: children, cry, depression, emotions,

The Sound of Silence
In the silence of my sleep...In the silence of my dreams
In the silence of my thoughts... in the silence are my screams

The Sound of Silence


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Categories: death, depression, remember, stress,

Sing Me A Dirge
Sing me a dirge I pray
Cuz my eyes has loosed sight of the light
Misery has eaten deep into me till I am nothing more but...

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Categories: conflict, death, depression, emotions,

cyanide kisses
i lost my own identity 
so i could be loved by somebody 
more toxic than cyanide....

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© Kady Szabo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, 11th grade, abuse, break

Vanessa pt1
Smoking and drinking what the hell were u thinking ? 
Theres No food on the table , the lights always blinking 
We ain't got cable...

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Categories: addiction, anger, depression, drug,

Corona a tiny virus
Visible only with the help of electron microscope 
But it can destroy family, nations , and states 
Corona a cushion of virus...

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© Iqra Riaz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, anxiety, confusion, cry, deep,

Mirror on the wall
Mirror mirror on the wall 
Would you still care if I break or fall ,
Would you still be there to console me through it all...

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Categories: anger, deep, depression, mirror,

Alone Im Lonely
I’m sitting alone,
As I do...
I’m chilling in my zone,
Feeling too often blue.

Always stuck in my head,
In an emotional stew.
It’s like a loose thread,
Being pulled through...


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Categories: conflict, deep, depression, feelings,

Premium Member Elasticity
When guilt 
collides with my pleasure
and pain is too hard to measure
Escape is the elastic tether
that accompanies 
my sensual physical bender

Tock tick tock
my emotional drop

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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, lust,

An Acrostic Plea
Hold my hand 
Even for a moment 
Listen closely 
Pray with me

Make no mistake 
Everyone feels the same...

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Categories: deep, depression, how i

I feel closer to my death day with each breathe I take... 
I'm dying slowly with no one to tell 
Or care, I'm lost in...

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© Rouna Kyle  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, deep, depression, emotions,

The Inner Psychopath
Through the set screen of a cower cover
A tyrant terror of the self resides; 
Forming a merged mind with opposing sides. 
Persuasion being his asset...

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Categories: conflict, dark, deep, depression,

Premium Member By Hook Or By Crook
I am that lone wolf
Coming by with that look
My inner mind in a shelf
That horrid stare I took
I must save myself
By hook or by crook


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Categories: death, deep, depression,

Premium Member You Might As Well Smile

but i wouldn’t fault you words spilling from a loose connection 
i forgive the negative 
they are tied to your artistic temperament 

your heart 

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Categories: depression, angst, anxiety, blessing, character,

In the mouth of madness
Another night needing some spiritual advice
Seeking the signs to spark my mind
Wishing I knew the way to entice 
Forgiveness from god for each sin she...

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Categories: depression,