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Word Color Poems

These Word Color poems are examples of Color poems about Word. These are the best examples of Color Word poems written by international poets.

Rekindled you my pony
Dazzled in the lighting 
of his fancy gaze his
lips blew peace. 
i could feel the depth of 
his cherry creek eyes with
warm embrace of visible...

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Categories: beauty, blessing, color, cute,

Roget's Word
“roget’s word”

extinct dictionary 

dinosaur name


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Categories: color,

Poetry Stew
"poetry stew"

word enriched

but too thick

to be soup...

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Categories: color,

Here's To Fears
"here's to fears"

when reading this word i said, "mamma mia!!!"
not numbed by the number for sure
but because of the length of the word
i've got hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia...

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Categories: color,

Just Saying
“just saying”

before nighwhat
is nearly extinct

put in
a good


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Categories: color,

Premium Member The Bomb
This is the bomb! Wait until you 
Here  you will read hear about the 
Tick of tock of tick the clock is 
Gone lawn...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, color, death,

Premium Member Colorful
Her slender little form adorned in smoky grey.
She was very quiet, never had much to say.
Friendly and sweet, her personality quite warm.
Adorned in smoky grey,...

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Categories: color, dance,

A Merrick A
"a merrick a"

am i an an
i mal or am

i an (the
next  word




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Categories: color,


my tongue
is numb

dumb to
say what
was in the

was the

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Categories: color,

Premium Member Xanthic
Xanthic is a lovely word
I learned if from Carmello
She told me that it’s meaning
Was for the colour yellow

If I write of golden daffodils
Or the glorious...

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Categories: color, nature,

Premium Member The Color of Silences
Is black a color or a shade,
that dims true colors?
For black absorbs light
from which colors glow to be visible.
Is white a color or a shade

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Categories: color, silence, sound, spoken word,

Premium Member K Word Kaleidoscopic
A great K topic.

Changing forms,
Brilliant colors disperse,
What a show it performs.
A cataclysmic view burst.

Patterns in motion,
Of colors and shapes
Creating an explosion
What a sight it creates....

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Categories: color,

Premium Member Chapter 46 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: Twins the Ten
September finally came. Dolly 
Was in Labor but she stated 
That she would deliver her
Babies at home. Damian Tried 
Gentle discouragement. "Naw,
Babe we will be...

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Categories: color, 6th grade, birth, caregiving,

Crystal Judith Kalyanarathne My Bubsy
Busby my love..
I.never realised how much you..
Until you left me with out a word..
Please where u are .. looking for you every where..

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Categories: color, abuse, beautiful, beauty, betrayal,

To the Stranger Who Stole a Sunset
I didn't speak to you because I liked you
I spoke to you because I was as transparent as glass
The faded lilac screeching of a bruised...

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Categories: anger, color, dark, loneliness,